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good night fediverse i'm gonna slep now

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Hey users, I have a question, please answer based on your knowledge and experience WITHOUT looking up the answer. It's about NVMe SSDs.

Does /dev/nvme0 and /dev/nvme0n1 reference the same physical SSD drive on a PC with multiple NVMe SSDs?

Feel free to boost.

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Honestly if you have the fucking time to make 3+ websites for your vulnerabilities, fucking make it work without JS.
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The finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation aired 25 years ago today. Damn.
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facts about you (reader) 

wooo maths paper 2 is done
it was fairly easy

I had my maths paper 1 today. It was fine, but I still somewhat regret taking HL. If you got the choice, don't do IB Maths HL.

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remember to be awesome today
and love your friends
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"UNIX was not designed to stop its users from doing stupid things, as that would also stop them from doing clever things."

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YouTube tech bros are all like "People need to get over Purism removing harassment reporting tools from their mastodon instance, but Mozilla made a mistake that they fixed immediately so I'm never using FireFox again."

Like we get it bro, you're a trash fire.

Just printed off the Internet Health Report 2019 to show to my friends, has the expected effect of "oh fuck"

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Ich weiß schon, warum ich nicht in die USA reisen möchte ... Aber das setzt dem ganzen noch eins drauf.

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With all sixteen added there’s enough love to go around for everyone:

:QueerCatHeart_Ace: :QueerCatHeart_Agender: :QueerCatHeart_Aromatic: :QueerCatHeart_Autism:

:QueerCatHeart_Bisexual: :QueerCatHeart_Enby: :QueerCatHeart_Genderfluid: :QueerCatHeart_Genderqueer:

:QueerCatHeart_Intersex: :QueerCatHeart_Lesbian: :QueerCatHeart_Pansexual: :QueerCatHeart_Polyamory:

:QueerCatHeart_Polysexual: :QueerCatHeart_Pride: :QueerCatHeart_Sapphic: :QueerCatHeart_Trans:

Enjoy :queercat_pride:

PSA: a Firefox addon signing cert expired, all add-ons disabled. Hacky fix is to turn your computer date to yesterday. They are working on a fix.

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Dear Ruby devs and game devs. I have a crazy announcement I want to share. Please boost.

Last week I released A Dark Room to the Nintendo Switch. Within the game, I also shipped a Ruby interpreter and a code editor as an Easter Egg.

*This Easter Egg effectively turns every consumer spec-ed Nintendo Switch into a Ruby Machine.*

1. Download A Dark Room from the US/EU.
2. Connect a USB keyboard and press the “~” key.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

#ruby #gamedev #nintendo

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OH: *talking about guillotines*

"git is kinda French. Oh I guess that's why it detaches heads"


Today is my last day of high school. I honestly don't know if I'm happy, indifferent or sad about it. I mean after all my school is the most amazing school I've ever been to, and I made lots of great friends, but then... it's also school.

In the end, probably kinda sad because final exams are coming up in two weeks :c

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