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Dank offener Spezifikationen, Standards und etwas Reverse Engineering läuft die Corona-Kontaktverfolgung nun auch mit Bluetooth auf Laptops.
Corona: Bluetooth-Kontaktverfolgung geht auch auf Laptops -
#OpenSource #Bluetooth #Coronavirus #Linux #ReverseEngineering #Applikationen
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Gesundsheitstip: Den inneren Schweinehund auf den Markt Gassi führen, anstatt in die Kaufhalle. Die ganzen ungesunden, aber "Hrrmm, lecker!"-Snacks gibt ja fast nur in letzterer.

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wow I am so delighted to discover has escalated their critique of the #GameB crowd and taken it all the way to rap battles

thanks for the tip this is important news

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I just listened back to this podcast interview recorded a couple weeks ago, it's a good conversation! Kinda "inside baseball" for ppl who are into the overlapping but distinct scenes of #metamodernism and #GameB

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I don't understand all the #gameb attention on high tech solutions.

If you believe in existential risk to our civilization, and you're prepping for an alternate paradigm, shouldn't you be focused on the subset of solutions that work with medieval tech?

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Here's my interview with We talked about collaboration, activism, #gameB,, and how to invoke a modular open source self organising movement for systemic social change hooray! 🚀🦒🍒

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Are you a software engineer or researcher working with COVID data? I’m running a study about data sharing during pandemics and I’m looking for people who can share info about restrictive data sources and data access challenges.
Pls boost to help reach others! covid19-data-sharing-study.git

Data types I am especially interested in: Data that have no strong ethical reasons to keep private, such as virus omics data and infection/death/recovery rates by geographic region.

You can buy levitating bonsais and globes as nerd toys, but is there any magnetically levitated hamster wheel for a pet?

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I started a blog with some musings about better communication on social media:

Psychotest im Schreibwarenladen: Offen für Neues sein? Gleich all-in gehen, oder lieber auf Nummer sicher?

Dear @e_mydata,

on the S7 is advertised as 249,90 EUR, but on it's 279. I checked all the colors and in different browsers. What does this apparent mismatch result from?

Also: Is your website source somewhere in so people can send MRs?


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Welcome #Fairphone3 to our range of #deGoogled phones!

This is probably the 1st privacy conscious and sustainable phone, fair for the planet and your personal data.
Preorder your /e/-Fairphone 3 today!
@Fairphone @WeAreFairphone #privacy #smartphone #yourdataisyourdata

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Ich habe mal ein wenig überlegt, wie ein verteiltes Chaos-Event aussehen könnte und dazu ein Mockup gemacht.

(Credits für das verwendete Foto: CC BY 2.0 - Robert Anders)


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Grad beim Einkaufen ranzt eine Frau rum, die Maßnahmen aktuell sind ein Ablenkungsmanöver, dass Merkel "all die kranken Flüchtlinge holen kann... Hab mich mal hinter sie gestellt und rumgehustet... Ruhe war 😂

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