♲ @fietsprofessor@twitter.com: 'If motorists had to drive slower...
...the economy will be upset'

A remarkably familiar argument, where have we heard that before?
(Cartoon by @Avidor)

In Japan, people have now 4 weeks to do income tax declaration for 2018, from mid February to mid March.

How to remind people? Let's put reminders in front of the buses everybody uses :-)


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"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings." - Ursula K LeGuin

Good morning comrades. If you're feeling down, if you're feeling like the spiral we're in it's inevitable and unending, remember: that thinking serves the neoliberal establishment. No act of resistance is too large or too small.

Do something kind and subversive today. Do something that trades in the ineffable.

TV on day: explaining that in Japan, men receive chocolate from women, and in most other parts of the world women receive flowers from men.

What are people worried about around the globe?
Number one for is cyber attacks - I would not have guessed that. For it's climate change.

A veinfinder: infrared camera data gets processed and projected onto the skin

Really, ? I payed you quite some money for this mobile, and now when I want to download the Android image for the device from your website, you ask me to pay money again?

Video from Richard Jones talk from :
for those of you who always wanted to create 8Exabyte filesystems:

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This is the current menu at Burger King in Sweden, who are trolling the shit out of McDonalds after they lost the EU trademark to "Big Mac" to the far smaller Irish burger chain "Supermac".

Ich weiß... Vorurteile sind blöd...

Aber jede einzelne Person auf diesem Bild sieht genau so aus, wie ich mir jemanden vorstelle, der auf so eine Demo gehen würde. 🤷‍♂️

Spotted this ad today at the Tokyo metro: they advertise a time change, to turn clocks 2h back starting this summer.
"With this, you start to work earlier, and it's still bright when you come back from work, so you can spend time with your family!"
That does not really apply to the workers here who come back at 23:00.

Lese gerade den Bericht der Kommission "Wachstum, Strukturwandel und Beschäftung" ("Kohlekommission") und es ist einfach nur schrecklich. Beispiel:
>Zur Umsetzung empfiehlt die Kommission freiwillige Maß­nahmen, als einvernehmliche Verhandlungslösung mit den Betreibern für Braunkohlekapazitäten und als freiwillige Stilllegungsprämie für Steinkohlekapazitäten.
Quelle: kommission-wsb.de/WSB/Redaktio

Interessant für alle die mit dem Gedanken spielen, Gene an 23andMe oder andere Firmen zu schicken:

The crossing in front of my flat got this nice gadget installed.
At day, you see a bit of plastic and solar cells. At night, you see that there is a ring of red led which flash after each other, so looks like a 'light running in circles'. There is a proximity sensor inside, when a car approaching the frequency of the flash gets increased. So, as soon as you see the crossing from far, you can guess from the frequency whether other cars are approaching or not.

postillion++ wieder.
"Diese Amis werden es nie lernen": Deutscher lacht bei 250 km/h auf Autobahn über Waffengesetze in den USA

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