Just great, . So I even bought an eshop card for 3000円 (~23€) to buy game "Baba is you", just to find out that it's not available in the Japanese nintendo store. Changing the region to "Europe" or "US", I loose that money.
Of course, you also do not accept virtual VISA credit cards, without any reasoning.

This is why I will now get it on steam/Linux.

fluxcoil.net has finally \o/
What are you guys using do monitor things like whether named or webserver processes are running, or if remote DNS servers are sending the expected answers?
This is just for a single system with restricted resources, so Nagios or Zabbix feel like to much overhead. I consider to just run a shell script and send an email if things do not look as they should..

"Mann verhaftet, weil er schlimme Kriegsverbrechen begang… halt nein!... enthüllt hat "

Skype is owned by Microsoft and all its calls pass through MS servers. No one knows what MS does with the data it gathers.

Jami is a free open alternative with no servers at all, calls connect directly between users. It's very easy to use, and a good privacy-friendly replacement for Skype.

Their website is at:


You can follow Jami on the Fediverse at:


The app is available for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.


Japans era name is changing from "Heisei" to "Reiwa". This ambigram can be read as both era names: spoon-tamago.com/2019/04/06/ja

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Climate Cartoon of the day. The dangerous Carbon Tax

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Ist schon jemandem aufgefallen, dass es auf Raumschiff Enterprise nur einen Iren (Scotty) aber keine Briten gibt? Wahrscheinlich debatieren die im Jahr 2200 noch über den Brexit und hatten keine Zeit, der Föderation beizutreten.

The Japanese era name is changing, I was in contact with our glibc engineers, as the locales which contain the era name are part of glibc. 'DJ Delorie' gets involved, after some time I realize that he is the 'DJ' in djgpp, the GCC port which I used on msdos long time ago..

So the capitalist mechanisms are so great and the natural way to do things, i.e. bigger demand of a product with restricted availability leads to higher prices?

Then could please someone explain how this is setting incentives for doctors? As I see it, pharma industry and doctors just earn money when people are sick - exactly the state we try to prevent.

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