"How the sega dreamcast copy protection was defeated"
Looking forward to the console hacking tracks of this year's congress!

At a police office in Tokyo: "The danger of the terror, do you see it?"

Things one sees at the NTT research center:
NTT Cal software, needs 640kb ram, for MS-DOS 2.11 and higher.

logistics around climbing the Mount Everest. People can book it like a holiday trip nowadays.

Yesterday I listened to a government hearing featuring some Blockchain bozos that at one point proposed "economically autonomous systems" as the future of trade. I guess there's no idea about trade too absurd to become reality in capitalism.

Back in university I wrote a parody paper about a robot that goes to the cinema and watches movies for you to provide you with liner notes so you can participate in watercolor talk with your colleagues at work.

We have now instances on AWS, and they are cheaper than the x86 ones. I guess that will be a push for the architecture :)

Looking for an idea for a Linux coding project?
Powertop can show ressource consuption, but not over time. If there was a Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) agent for recording these values, one could for example test for new commits into projects whether they increase power consumption.
Thread: github.com/performancecopilot/
Related talk from (German): mirrors.dotsrc.org/cdn.media.c

Die videos von bits-und-baeume.org/ gibt es hier:
Unheimlich viele interessante Themen, ich habe noch 60 videos in der "to watch" liste.
Ich wünschte, es gäbe mehr Aktionen in Japan zu dem Thema (ja, ich weiß.. machen! Aber erstmal andere Interessierte hier finden..).

Eine Einfuehrung in Performance Co-Pilot, mit Demonstration fuer einen typischen Task von Admins.
Ich habe auch Englische und Japanische Versionen erstellt, die Webseite versucht zu raten welche Version ihr sehen wollt.

is now 20 years old, happy birthday!
, a project which created a halflife remake, celebrates it in releasing a trailer of their xen implementation. I played the first part of blackmesa, runs nicely on Linux. Looking forward to the release of the xen part!

Forderungen für gemeinwohlorientierte und datenschutzfreundliche Digitalpolitik ccc.de/de/updates/2018/bitsund

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