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3-color e-paper looks quite impressive! Wish I had a temperature sensor for the raspi around..

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March 2019: The train station near my house gets a robot with AI setup.
Sept. 2019: Instead of the robot, a sign appears: "I am on a business trip to Shinjuku".
On the internet, also a proper press release appeared :)

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I moved to , and some things are strangely 'just right'. Mount Fuji has just the right height so someone like me can climb it.
An other thing: my typographic senses are satisfied as my surname has 4 letters, which expressed in half-width letters are just perfectly lining up with Japanese names, which typically have 2 full width Kanji.
Example meeting attendees list:

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For lunch, I was today going all in and tried chocolate ramen. Very nice that this kind of noodle soup is not just "set in stone", but also experiments like this are done. Worth to be tried out!

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Everybody looking at mp3 players: you might want to have a look at devices capable of running . I recently bought a FiiO M3K, with rockbox I can now again play exotic file formats like mod (from the ), and rockbox provides all kinds of features which normal players do not offer.

considers to introduce pricing for commute trains based on time of the day, to move people from rush hour into the not so crowded time. Nice side affect: as employers pay the commute fee, they might start to say: "Ah, actually no need for you to come in so early in the morning.. if you come in at 10am, the commute fee is lower."

The excellent LanguageLog explains how to express something as strong as 'fuck off' in :

has now a 100% waterpower plan, which I just changed into. I wonder what they do if all of their customers request it.. so how many contracts they can actually provide.

For which podcasts are you eagerly waiting for the next episode? For me:

Bilingual news (JP/EN, news)
'das ist eine gute Frage' (DE, Quaschning, Klimatecrisis)
Freak Show (DE, various topics)
Mikroökonomen (DE, economy)
fanboys (DE, indie games)
Methodisch inkorrekt (DE, science)

Whether it's a movie from China where a young student learns martial arts, or a Korean zombie movie, or 'Fukishima' from Japan: for all of their actors the German audio track seem to get these strange 'sounds funny, independent of what he says' voice actors. 2/2

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I watched that "Fukushima" movie yesterday, and made a discovery regarding German audio tracks of movies from Japan, China or Korea: it appears to me as if these get German voices which are a bit high and are taken as funny/not to be taken serious. Quite clear with the dramatic happenings in movie 'Fukushima'. They have pieces where American media is quoted, and these get serious pitch voices! 1/2

got released!
Upgrading was not trivial this time.. I used so far xdm, but with that only got into kde sessions with 1024x768, I switched to kdm as I anyway run plasma as window manager since some time.
Also: pipewire replaced pulseaudio. Now dbus.service and pipewire.service need to run as user. For my user, service unit files had been deployed by no longer used software, which prevented also dbus from running. If no sound, check 'systemctl --user status dbus pipewire'.

Neue Hilfsorganisation "Querdenker ohne Grenzen" fliegt in Krisengebiete, um Menschen zu erklären, dass Corona völlig harmlos ist

Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a net loss to civilization and the world. Plus, it's a scam. Don't touch it.

This is a great tool for everyone on this website. (A browser extension that lets you block people that like or retweet something)

pro tip: always wear your umask when in public.

So and google chrome are no longer supporting the protocol.
What do you win by that? Is the gnome way of leaving every button, anything you think is just used by a minority doomed?
Firefox now suggests chrome to open ftp links, which also stripped ftp.

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