The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

consequence to think about: people seeking status in wearing fancy clothes or driving a big car can no longer do that right now.

is a nice game, I recommend it.
Thanks for the hint, .

If there was just a simple way to turn your Linux systems into monitoring nodes, with low overhead constantly watching connectivity to other network devices.. there is, with !

It was announced that will distribute 2 masks to each household. Memes are around, on what for example families from movies would look like with 2 masks..

With 3D-food-printing, we can create food which leaves you more satisfied, while containing the same energy/calories:

So I gave in and got a Playstation 4.

Would love to run on that hardware I just bought. The consoles are no longer subsidized.. does not make that possible. Apparently they fear it would make it easier to run copies of games? Shame on you.

You are apparently not ashamed of using code, judging from the licenses used.

Oh, and I can not use my Sony WH-1000XM2 heaset via bluetooth, one of your own products..

Instead of keeping the passenger planes which are not loaded due to on the ground, so doing something for the environment, companies start to use them for freight. :(


“Hoarder - shame on you!” – 🇩🇪 German poster from the Second World War (1942) discouraging the hoarding of goods.


What do you think about running the folding@home projects?

I think that it's most likely that people are burning electrical power generated from fossil fuels there. So it's a trade off: one has to be confident enough that running folding@home is worth heating up the earth.
On the good side: there is at least a chance that there might be a good outcome, not like for .

I like many things about , but energy politics is not one of them. While climate crisis is already leading to the Olympic marathon getting moved to Sapporo, investments are done in coal and nuclear. And hydrogen fuel cell which they are taking all bets on is not looking good either, for most common use cases like cars the battery looks better.

Comparable to seti@home in the past, there are now projects with ask for computing power to help fight .
Effectively, people are burning mostly fossil fuel generated electricity in hope to improve the situation.
What do you think? Is the hope to improve anything high enough to justify this?
On the good side, there is at least a chance of positive outcome. For mining, the power is simply wasted for nothing.

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