@globalc Ce genre de bug est un rappel que c'est déjà presque un miracle que nos systèmes informatiques marchent à peu près comme prévu jusque là.

@globalc I ♥ this bug. It's such a good example of the complexity of technology.

@globalc @kensanata Certainly an entry in the Hall of Fame of crazy bugs.

@tsturm @globalc A famous one from my line of work was this: “when it rains on Wednesday’s, the CRM is slow.” True story! The explanation was that the database was rebooted every night and if it rained on Wednesday, somebody had to drive their kid to kindergarten and thus wasn’t the first person in the office, didn’t start the report they usually did, thus not storing the good execution plan in memory for the rest of the day. From then on, the CRM was slow. 🙈

@tsturm @globalc And of course the famous phase-of-moon-bug that impressed me very much when I first read about it. 😀

@kensanata @tsturm @globalc The one that so delights me I refuse to look closely into whether it actually happened was "can't send e-mail more than 500 miles".


@kensanata @globalc That is amazing. I would have loved to see the faces when the team figured this one out.

@tsturm We still use it for our internal training and have a laugh as the young ones try to find an explanation for it. 😆@globalc

@kensanata @tsturm @globalc Why....why did you not just run a shell script to automate this?

@kensanata @Canageek @globalc Yep. It had to break so you can understand how it ever worked in the first place. 😜

@kensanata @tsturm @globalc ``the database was rebooted every night'' itself is wtf 🤣

@yrabbit I guess that's not unheard of in Java and Windows environments..

@nev The other bugs which turned up in the thread also try hard to become your favourite bug, though ;)

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