Searching for potential destinations for cycling trips in Tokyo, I had the idea of visiting all Metro- and subway trainstations. Not sure if I will even finish a single line from the overall 14 lines, but todays trip of 60km and 14 stations was nice.

@globalc Impressive! There must have been heavy traffic around the stations. I like cycling along the rivers. The Arakawa riverside is the only car-free high-speed track I am aware of. The Tamagawa riverside is too narrow and too crowded for my liking. I like cycling at the Myōshōji River, where one passes by several smaller parks. Kandagawa can also be nice at times. Tatsuikawa, way out of Tokyo in Souka is beautiful during cherry blossom. Please let me know, if you can recommend something!

@josch Traffic was ok, my first trip was on a sunday. The track around Aragawa is nice indeed, before I had a bike I was walking there from Akabane to the roads end in the south.
Cycling that road from Akabane (where I lived) to Kawagoe was also nice. In the west, Tama lake is a nice goal for a bike trip. Also, one can cross the rainbow bridge with the bike (also just pushing, not riding). Nice views from there!

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