The magazine c't has a 6 pages article about the different kinds of registration codes to activate Windows.
Serious question, why is someone going through this pain? Having to pay for the OS, and being spied on are further "features".
Are there "can't miss this" games which are Windows only?

@globalc Next year’s new Flight Simulator is the only reason I could think of to get a Windows machine. But I don’t think even that would be enough to make me deal with Windows again.

@tsturm As for games, last titles which tempted me was "Outer Wilds", and that's not Windows only.

@globalc The problem are business applications which are developed for special cases or companies.

So, you don't want people to pay for RHEL? ;) Trolling aside, I think paying for software is perfectly fine, paying for being spied on not.

@zhenech This is not about paying, but the feeling one gets when a company is for that money asking you to go through registration hell. Plus then spying on you.

Most (like 95%) of all common Windows users don't have to deal with activation at all. They either upgraded from an older Windows version or bought their system with Windows preinstalled. And those who still need to get a license key often buy a cheap one from a shady key reseller.

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