So in Japan we have areas where almost all people wear masks, and others with almost no masks.
My guess: if in an area only 30% start wearing masks, then others even if they do not believe it helps will also do so. Because of society pressure: even if the probability of getting ill is astronomically low, _if_ it happens and you were not wearing a mask, others will account it to you. If you were wearing a mask, "you did your best".
Society is something strange, sometimes.

@annika It is _awesome_ for learning languages, and besides getting corrections/correcting others, also great discussions about the topic itself can unfold.
Unfortunately, it seems like it was designed for a single system and since it hit its user limit for the currently registered users, no new ones are accepted. I tried to pay money to get friends onto it but was not successful.
On my 'list of ideas/projects' is a point to spawn an opensource project doing something like this..

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