I got a Sanza Fuze+ mp3player, new, but completely empty battery. The device can not charge like this, but needs to be set into a recovery mode, get a 688 byte loader, and can just then charge. Who builds things like this? Rockbox wiki to the rescue.
Anyway, should now make a nice capable mp3 player :)

That's an discontinued player, right? So it lay long on some shelf? But yeah, empty battery charging seems to be hard.

@zhenech Yep, discontinued, and seemed to be locked away somewhere for long. Well, better than the device being returned by someone.. but it seems unused.

I've seen similar behavior with smartphones, but there it would actually charge, very slowly, but not boot up the cpu/lcd to display the fact. And then after half an hour or an hour, when the battery had enough power to run for a few minutes, the phone would boot up* and fast charge the rest. Scared the shit out of me more than once.

* Usually only a minimal boot, like recovery or so, just displaying a huge battery on the screen.

On an semirelated note. you can swap those small sansa batteries with ones with bigger charge. I changed my sansa clips to one's with 3x the mAh-mperage and it did make a noticeable change.

@epilys Good to know, thanks. Looked at instructions about exchanging already, not yet sure how good the battery is.

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