Everybody looking at mp3 players: you might want to have a look at devices capable of running . I recently bought a FiiO M3K, with rockbox I can now again play exotic file formats like mod (from the ), and rockbox provides all kinds of features which normal players do not offer.

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@globalc THX. I Never knew or would have thought there was alternative firmware. Apparently my sony nwze454b from 2011 seems not supported stably. 😒
well I'm still happy with it, apart from the battery life after 9 yrs 😁

@aslmx I also had a sony from around that time, IIRC sony never had sdcard/microsd for conveniently extending storage.
Yes, not many devices are supported, its quite some work to get a new device supported. As for the M3K, it seems like the vendor did port the current rockbox version - fantastic thing to do, benefits them (sales) and us..

@globalc I still run some Sansa Clip+ as a backup device with Rockbox (and a FiiO headphone amp). My main MP3 player is a FiiO X1 for several years, though. Had to replace it once, since I forgot my first one in a train, and whoever found it, didn't bring it to the Deutsche Bahn lost&found.

My first Rockbox was running on an old Cowon X5, until the 1,8“ HDD in there broke.

Archos Recorder 10 with its massive 2.5" 10GB drive <3

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