In Germany , there are now considerations on whether companies with branches in tax heavens should receive money to survive Corona, or not.
Voices against this say "there is no law against this, so should they just have acted ethically, in anticipation of such a crisis"?

I wonder if Japanese companies act more ethically, as they would receive penalties from society after misbehaviour becomes public.

Details in Japanese and English:

@globalc Have those penalties from society happened in Japan in the past?

@tagomago I can not point one out. I had the "benesse customer data leak" some years ago in mind, but did not find evidence in media customers had punished them.
My conclusion was more from the rare occurrence of reports of bad behaviour of companies, like "branch in tax heaven" or "money making scheme like cum-ex trading scheme", seem more frequent in Germany than in Japan.

@globalc Maybe the Japanese companies are more compliant with the law, I don't know. But regarding the question, yeah, I think I'd have zero tolerance. Not only I wouldn't let any of those companies receive money from the state without conditions like those now, but I wouldn't had let them *operate* in the country. The sole existence of tax havens defeats the idea of economic justice...

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