So true. Despite 's debt hitting a record high, the country being hit by super typhoon and rainfall, there is no movement to green energy. Instead of improving the situation, it's getting worse and worse.

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@globalc The more I watch and read about Japan the more I think it's a paralyzed society.

@tagomago That might be true.. but maybe that's still preferable over "changing to the worse" as seen in some countries.

@globalc I'm not sure what you're referring to specifically but yeah, I wasn't even thinking particularly on the green thing, which seems to be a systemic wall globally. That pressure to be polite and to avoid throwing controversial arguments in public can be "convenient" socially but might bring as well a doomed scenario. Idk.

@tagomago I was for example thinking of everything the Trump administrations establishes, doing nothing is definitely better.
As for political correctness, that is indeed a point I love very much about Japan, for example the not start changing all kinds of papers and laws to explicitly reflect that "both men and women" are subject to something.
As if there would not be more urgent things to do, in time of Corona and environmental crisis.

@globalc Mmm, but I implied that Japan is indeed in favor of political correctness because of the way they act?

@tagomago I guess I got used to the Japanese kind of political correctness, to address people based on status and such.
In contrast to the newly upcoming political correctness in Germany.

@globalc I guess it's generally easier to adapt oneself to tradition and accepted social norms and rituals than to changes or contestation. And I do think being polite is a great thing.

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