Everybody looking at mp3 players: you might want to have a look at devices capable of running rockbox.org/ . I recently bought a FiiO M3K, with rockbox I can now again play exotic file formats like mod (from the ), and rockbox provides all kinds of features which normal players do not offer.

For lunch, I was today going all in and tried chocolate ramen. Very nice that this kind of noodle soup is not just "set in stone", but also experiments like this are done. Worth to be tried out!

Seems like my flight is taking me into the past..
Nontheless, happy 2020!

I moved to , and some things are strangely 'just right'. Mount Fuji has just the right height so someone like me can climb it.
An other thing: my typographic senses are satisfied as my surname has 4 letters, which expressed in half-width letters are just perfectly lining up with Japanese names, which typically have 2 full width Kanji.
Example meeting attendees list:

At the entrance of a restaurant where you enter without shoes:
"Please don't leave with better shoes than the ones you were coming with.."

March 2019: The train station near my house gets a robot with AI setup.
Sept. 2019: Instead of the robot, a sign appears: "I am on a business trip to Shinjuku".
On the internet, also a proper press release appeared :)
youtube.com/watch?v=Cr0LJeeptr keio.co.jp/news/update/news_re

3-color e-paper looks quite impressive! Wish I had a temperature sensor for the raspi around..

A relief at the Shimokitazawa train station, reminds me of socialist east Germany where I grew up

This is what a 'bad guy' in media looks like, in this exaplanation of the weakness in 7elevens new mobile payment system.

meets technology. For some, the coaster on the right side contains 門, the Kanji for gate. For others, this is an illustration of the Apple earplugs..

Australia is mostly coal powered. Seems like the citizens would like to change that..

Kokugikann/国技館, where we will sing the "Ode to the joy" today. So this is what a hall for 10.000+ people looks like..

TV on day: explaining that in Japan, men receive chocolate from women, and in most other parts of the world women receive flowers from men.

Spotted this ad today at the Tokyo metro: they advertise a time change, to turn clocks 2h back starting this summer.
"With this, you start to work earlier, and it's still bright when you come back from work, so you can spend time with your family!"
That does not really apply to the workers here who come back at 23:00.

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