3-color e-paper looks quite impressive! Wish I had a temperature sensor for the raspi around..

A relief at the Shimokitazawa train station, reminds me of socialist east Germany where I grew up

This is what a 'bad guy' in media looks like, in this exaplanation of the weakness in 7elevens new mobile payment system.

meets technology. For some, the coaster on the right side contains 門, the Kanji for gate. For others, this is an illustration of the Apple earplugs..

Australia is mostly coal powered. Seems like the citizens would like to change that..

Kokugikann/国技館, where we will sing the "Ode to the joy" today. So this is what a hall for 10.000+ people looks like..

TV on day: explaining that in Japan, men receive chocolate from women, and in most other parts of the world women receive flowers from men.

Spotted this ad today at the Tokyo metro: they advertise a time change, to turn clocks 2h back starting this summer.
"With this, you start to work earlier, and it's still bright when you come back from work, so you can spend time with your family!"
That does not really apply to the workers here who come back at 23:00.

The crossing in front of my flat got this nice gadget installed.
At day, you see a bit of plastic and solar cells. At night, you see that there is a ring of red led which flash after each other, so looks like a 'light running in circles'. There is a proximity sensor inside, when a car approaching the frequency of the flash gets increased. So, as soon as you see the crossing from far, you can guess from the frequency whether other cars are approaching or not.

At a police office in Tokyo: "The danger of the terror, do you see it?"

Things one sees at the NTT research center:
NTT Cal software, needs 640kb ram, for MS-DOS 2.11 and higher.

Heute sind 2 Ausgaben der Datenschleuder angekommen.
Sehr Japanisch, auf dem Aufkleber des Beutels steht in etwa:
"Diese Sendung ist schon aus dem Ausland so angekommen. Wir bedauern zutiefst das wir diese Sendung, die dem geehrten Kunden so wichtig ist, in diesem Zustand zustellen müssen."

Hiking in Japan these days: white horses at mountain tops (陣馬山), 70% humidity, 28°C - lots of fun!


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