So and google chrome are no longer supporting the protocol.
What do you win by that? Is the gnome way of leaving every button, anything you think is just used by a minority doomed?
Firefox now suggests chrome to open ftp links, which also stripped ftp.

So, fraud sms are a thing also in ..
Got one with "we could not fetch your fee, contact NTT support center".
Online access to credit card data showed though that they fetched money recently. Then, verification of the sender phone number and "contact here" number did not bring results. But searching the text shows that NTT issued a warning, and that they do not send such sms.

Modern problems need modern solutions, I guess.
For this years tax declaration, I walked up to a consultation place, where staff fills in the data with me.
This label was glued to the screen, saying
「x」ボタンで画面を閉じないでください、so "please do not hit [x], as that closes the screen..".

In , even waiting in the queue in front of the immigration office is interesting!
I was there 3 times now, and noticed a woman always approaching only certain people in the queue, talking and giving a flyer. Last time she only addressed Chinese looking people.
This time me. First: a flyer advertising a religious group, which I politely refused. Then, a flyer in Japanese with "communism" written. Interesting enough for me, grabbed it. 1/2

I summarized some differences in tax collection and spending between and .
Public transport uses banners to remind of the 'tax declaration season'.

Very . After the recent earthquake, a town major giving a report: wearing a workman jacket to show "I'm one of you guys, and we need now to clean up and make our hands dirty!", and at the same time wearing a necktie to give the impression of a "government official".

This morning, I cycle to the immigration office. This view is setting a good spirit :)

In , people send new years cards (年賀状) instead of christmas cards. Cards from the post office have numbers on the backside, with these the recipient has a chance to win something! I did win stamps! 😄

First hike of the year was very nice - and could catch up with the Congress talks while walking

Happy new 2021!
First shrine visit of the year is done - one can even see Fujisan from there!

Most used emoji in in the year 2020.
Top place is spelled ぴえん/pien, means "sad", place 2 is about corona.
These were collected by Simeji, who own an input framework for Japanese for mobile phones.

As I will not go to Germany this Christmas, I went to Touhoku last week, including a stay at onsen hotel and ryokan. Some details and pictures..

Japan's Hayabusa2 successfully collected material from an asteroid. The control room is also equipped with .Tech and tradition coming together!

is within reach of North Korea's missiles. North Korea won't tell details on how the development progresses.. what to do?
Well, North Korea publishes footage of military parades.. let's then count the number of axes of the missile trucks over the years.

Nomihoudai in Japan - all you can drink in 90 minutes, for 980円 / ~8€.
That offering would not last long in Germany..

Off to Touhoku, Japans North-east, for a week.
In Tokyo it's 15°C, moving north, from Morioka on, there is snow..

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