Really, ? You allow to fill out the citizen census online with running on Wintendo, but not running on Linux?

How influences food preferences in :
grilled meat (焼肉), roast beef, grilled gyouza lost their high positions: they are mostly eaten shared among people on the table.
A new service appeared: you can get now 'rotating sushi' (回転寿司) into your house or company from catering services.

Discussions around renewable energy are rare in , but today there was a great discussion.
The numbers are quite poor, moving from now 16.8% renewables to 22-24% until 2030.. and nuclear power changing from 6 to 20-22% :(

Today, I was hiking with drizzling rain at 27°C, the rain season in was very long and has turned the trails into pure mud.
While walking, I was listening to Joshua Bach, on AI, life and god. Highly recommended!

After 3 months 'work from home', we are able to do an appointment with our office to 'fetch personal things'. Was today at the Ebisu office, and.. it's a miracle, the plant at my desk seems to have survived without getting watered! Apparently water from the air was enough.

First 森林浴 ("bathing in the woods") since months, now that the emergency was lifted in Japan, and it's again considered 'ok' in society.

Fiddling with an addon board (~40€) for the these days, to stream HDMI over network. No sound as of now, and still researching which codec/caching provides lowest latency with reasonable picture quality. Streaming Nintendo switch output works nicely.

In , cycling is one of the few allowed activities. Today took a picture of all 27 stations of the Mita subway line.
With that, I've gone to 24% of the 285 stations in Tokyo by bike.

One of the things, is doing regarding : sending out 2 washable masks to every household. We call them . They arrived today:

First system upgraded to : the Nintendo switch. Just have one monitor, the switch is just right next week for watching sessions.
, if you bring some patches upstream, you can ship the switch with Fedora, like Lenovo now does :)
Setup details:

has also good aspects: the best curry place in the city has free seats now

Everybody looking at mp3 players: you might want to have a look at devices capable of running . I recently bought a FiiO M3K, with rockbox I can now again play exotic file formats like mod (from the ), and rockbox provides all kinds of features which normal players do not offer.

For lunch, I was today going all in and tried chocolate ramen. Very nice that this kind of noodle soup is not just "set in stone", but also experiments like this are done. Worth to be tried out!

Seems like my flight is taking me into the past..
Nontheless, happy 2020!

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