Discovered at a rural train station in : container for disposal of 悪書/akusyo, literally "had writings". So for erotic manga often read on the train. To keep these away from children they are also "wrapped" in the book stores to prevent reading.

vaccination status, not bad considering it just started here in February: from overall population, 31% got 1st vaccination, and ~20% also the second.

First time thinking about this:
smart farming (machines driving computer guided, optimizing parameters for best results etc.) is a topic in Germany, but even more in , where overaging population and migration into cities are big.
So government throws money into this, and we should pay attention that not companies are sucking up the money without making the gained knowledge free for all. To many stories about machines where the vendor locks away the knowledge and data even from the farmer.

considers to introduce pricing for commute trains based on time of the day, to move people from rush hour into the not so crowded time. Nice side affect: as employers pay the commute fee, they might start to say: "Ah, actually no need for you to come in so early in the morning.. if you come in at 10am, the commute fee is lower."

So, fraud sms are a thing also in ..
Got one with "we could not fetch your fee, contact NTT support center".
Online access to credit card data showed though that they fetched money recently. Then, verification of the sender phone number and "contact here" number did not bring results. But searching the text shows that NTT issued a warning, and that they do not send such sms.

In , even waiting in the queue in front of the immigration office is interesting!
I was there 3 times now, and noticed a woman always approaching only certain people in the queue, talking and giving a flyer. Last time she only addressed Chinese looking people.
This time me. First: a flyer advertising a religious group, which I politely refused. Then, a flyer in Japanese with "communism" written. Interesting enough for me, grabbed it. 1/2

I summarized some differences in tax collection and spending between and .
Public transport uses banners to remind of the 'tax declaration season'.

In , people send new years cards (年賀状) instead of christmas cards. Cards from the post office have numbers on the backside, with these the recipient has a chance to win something! I did win stamps! 😄

In , Christmas is not celebrated, instead years end is the important event. This year I work over Christmas, so what is it like? More quiet than usual, interactions with Japanese customers continue but the interactions with the European and American colleagues are down to a minimum as they celebrate Christmas and have their time off.
Looking forward to the , and some video chats with family members.

Most used emoji in in the year 2020.
Top place is spelled ぴえん/pien, means "sad", place 2 is about corona.
These were collected by Simeji, who own an input framework for Japanese for mobile phones.

is within reach of North Korea's missiles. North Korea won't tell details on how the development progresses.. what to do?
Well, North Korea publishes footage of military parades.. let's then count the number of axes of the missile trucks over the years.

I love how people in do not hesitate to create things related to religion. Today: a house for cats in the style of a Shinto shrine.

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