has next level burocracy.
Ministry of immigration publishes the list of papers one needs to bring, with details and footnotes, for me hard to grasp.
In this next level burocracy you can not even walk up with a print of the list to a different ministry or town hall, and ask "can you give me a cert as described here?".
If they misread the footnotes and advice you wrong, you might come back on them later.. so many refuse _to_even_read_that_list_ ..

Really, ? You allow to fill out the citizen census online with running on Wintendo, but not running on Linux?

in : I was looking up prices for 24kwh and 29kwh which I used up in last months, for current energy provider and a green one. The green one seems to be just 4% more expensive!

Do you use name-san when addressing colleagues in ?
The rules when to use ~san seem simple.. but it gets complicated quite fast, like for me this week:

How influences food preferences in :
grilled meat (焼肉), roast beef, grilled gyouza lost their high positions: they are mostly eaten shared among people on the table.
A new service appeared: you can get now 'rotating sushi' (回転寿司) into your house or company from catering services.

Discussions around renewable energy are rare in , but today there was a great discussion.
The numbers are quite poor, moving from now 16.8% renewables to 22-24% until 2030.. and nuclear power changing from 6 to 20-22% :(
Video: youtu.be/eKO6WmCyapk

Today, I was hiking with drizzling rain at 27°C, the rain season in was very long and has turned the trails into pure mud.
While walking, I was listening to Joshua Bach, on AI, life and god. Highly recommended!

So true. Despite 's debt hitting a record high, the country being hit by super typhoon and rainfall, there is no movement to green energy. Instead of improving the situation, it's getting worse and worse.

released today, it's app. Open Source, quite similar to the German app from what I see.
Let's see if the government manages to convince enough people that it's harmless, so it gets widely adopted.

Rundown through the app, and link to the sources:

I think the self restraint call was just removed for all the remaining regions in , like Tokyo and Hokkaido:

theory of the day: teaching of English in is so bad, because it would encourage young people to move to other countries, further accelerating the overaging population.

In , cycling is one of the few allowed activities. Today took a picture of all 27 stations of the Mita subway line.
With that, I've gone to 24% of the 285 stations in Tokyo by bike.

One of the things, is doing regarding : sending out 2 washable masks to every household. We call them . They arrived today:

It was announced that will distribute 2 masks to each household. Memes are around, on what for example families from movies would look like with 2 masks..

I like many things about , but energy politics is not one of them. While climate crisis is already leading to the Olympic marathon getting moved to Sapporo, investments are done in coal and nuclear. And hydrogen fuel cell which they are taking all bets on is not looking good either, for most common use cases like cars the battery looks better.

In , one can 'dedicate' their taxes to a certain area/town. For example people from the countryside living in Tokyo can dedicate to their home town. The home town can decide to give something in return, many say "thank you" in sending meat, sweets or other things.
A city with a toilet paper factory got especially many "tax dedications" this year, because the toilet paper they send out is out of stock..
source: japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/03/

Meanwhile in : a man who "likes bike saddles" piled up 5800 saddles over the last 25 years.

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