Life in : apartment contracts are mostly just for 2 years. After that you ask for renewal of the contract, and the estate agent asks for an amount of months rent "for the renewal". So 850€ for doing a few papers, quite something.. that is my rent for 27m^2.

Meanwhile in : people start to register graves in Hawaii. I'm not japanized enough to understand the benefits..

What are people worried about around the globe?
Number one for is cyber attacks - I would not have guessed that. For it's climate change.

Yearly chore: writing christmas cards.
It's not a habit any more in Germany, but for the Japanese friends where I know that I will receive a new years card, I feel obliged..

Reworked my blog.
Sorry, still no rss feed available for it, wondering how to do this best with the asciidoc file which I use as source to generate the blog.

gets now stores where cameras watch you taking things, and the money is then fetched from the card, most common electronic money here. Well, in contrast to Amazon Go, you can at least get suica without the card being mapped to your name and identity.

Heute sind 2 Ausgaben der Datenschleuder angekommen.
Sehr Japanisch, auf dem Aufkleber des Beutels steht in etwa:
"Diese Sendung ist schon aus dem Ausland so angekommen. Wir bedauern zutiefst das wir diese Sendung, die dem geehrten Kunden so wichtig ist, in diesem Zustand zustellen müssen."

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