"okama" in can refer to transvestites and many other things. Japanese games refer to it, do their English translations dare to properly translate it?

This is what a 'bad guy' in media looks like, in this exaplanation of the weakness in 7elevens new mobile payment system.

With retro games, games are sometimes just available in one language, for example . How would one play the game without knowing Japanese? started a project to run OCR over game screens and translate!

TV on day: explaining that in Japan, men receive chocolate from women, and in most other parts of the world women receive flowers from men.

The crossing in front of my flat got this nice gadget installed.
At day, you see a bit of plastic and solar cells. At night, you see that there is a ring of red led which flash after each other, so looks like a 'light running in circles'. There is a proximity sensor inside, when a car approaching the frequency of the flash gets increased. So, as soon as you see the crossing from far, you can guess from the frequency whether other cars are approaching or not.

Foolishness can only be cured by death.
proverbs are hard to beat.


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