That's what I do these days: my 5 year visa will expire, and I need to either try 'permanent residency' (PR), or extend the existing visa.
The paperwork for PR are crazy: proofs you payed taxes, healthcare, have work, written texts with your reason asking for PR, and so on.
PR is 永住 in Japanese: 永 is 'eternity', and 住 is 'to reside/live'.

@codewiz Yes, he told same, so was really doing the Japanese license from zero.

@codewiz I did get my German drivers license translated to Japanese, but to get it usable I would also have to take lessons and so on - I could then as well do a license from zero.
That was it not worth for me, so far. A colleague from America was making the Japanese drivers license quite quick, and IIRC even English based.

„Ich bin mir auch nicht sicher, ob das was bringt, wenn Wissenschaftler jetzt einfach mal ne Untersuchung machen, sondern ich sage: Wir brauchen Fakten!“ 🤦‍♂️

@luebbermann "Die heute zum Thema vor Ort beratenden haben einstimmig beschlossen das [..]"

@codewiz They also have many more employees, so that makes sense :p

@luebbermann Kollegen haben zusammengestellt, das erfüllt einige der Anforderungen.
Benutzt aber OpenShift im Hintergrund, und ist damit eher schwerer aufzusetzen als z.b. Nextcloud.

@nippon Ich habe das Feedbackformular entsprechend ausgefüllt.
Vielleicht bekommst Du auch noch was :)
Bin mir nicht sicher ob das Stichproben sind oder nicht, hier im Haus habens alle bekommen.

Really, ? You allow to fill out the citizen census online with running on Wintendo, but not running on Linux?

@codewiz A well, "fully" is also relative, for example for us the input-framework is part of that "fully" while it's for most not.

@codewiz I use fcitx on that system.. as ibus did not work. Will retry with Fed32, but working remote I have not gotten that box updated yet.

@codewiz Do you use an input system? I use sway on my workplace box. The box is in the office, still runs Fedora31, and on the packaged sway there I never got ibus to run (via ibus-wayland).
Another issue is due to wayland not allowing full screen sharing with bluejeans or google-meet.

@zhenech Making a contract "your wage is X", and changing it afterwards from one side sounds like a break of contract, yes.
If you said "I need extra money, because Munich!" and it is an extra part in the contract, it would sound like a different thing to me.

@zhenech I'm not surprised, also in Germany you can get higher wages for example in Munich saying "Munich is so expensive!!", despite it being your choice to live in Munich.
That is driving the flat rents in the cities up. Having same wages independent of location would be better.

@aslmx Right, was also thinking about the cables.
I remember, it had became known that Japan specifically refused to sniff on one of the cables in the last years on a cable to either Korea or China, a request from America.

Is this also a topic in Europe?
As GreatBritain pulls out of the EU, and America moves away from China, Japan gets tighter to India and USA, seeking protection.
Japans own army is allowed to defend the country, but defending just alone against China would not work out.
There are also stories about Japan becoming "the 6th eye" in the USA/CA/NZ/AUS/GB spy network.

@zhenech I see.
A benchmark which also includes some iSCSI implementation, and the same NVMe accessed in the local system would be interesting.
For streaming loads, it might not be to bad, but iSCSI could also be used there.

@zhenech Depending on the medium below, the result can be quite pretty.. remembering seeing an SSD at a previous customer shared over InfiniBand.

@nippon Du meinst deren Definition von "grün"? Ja, könnte sein das das nicht die gängige Definition ist.

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