Wer mich kennt, der weiß das ich kein Kapitalismusfreund bin.. ich war trotzdem erstaunt wie interessant der podcast ist.
Aktuelle Folge: Fachkraeftemangel, Korruptionsindex

@zhenech Ich habe hier mal den Kollegen von den Krapfen (in meiner Heimat Thueringen sagen wir ja eher Kraepfel) erzaehlt wo mal ueberraschenderweise einer Senf statt Marmelade hat, kam gut an..

@codewiz I also just know people who got burned by early versions, and did not try again. People in vicinity are either on something simple like a textfile like me, or the google calendar web interface.

@codewiz I could imagine that they charge from i.e. apple pay, and just apple pay can then see your name, but I'm not sure.
My last 2 phones were ordered from Amazon Japan, phones without sim lock are still rare.. and I also still buy some tech when in Germany.
Just the nintendo switch was cheaper in Japan than in Germany.

@codewiz Good question, I'm not sure. I know as much as that FeliCa is 'just' a different/non compatible alternative to the NFC standard.
Technically, your phone could act exactly as if it was a suicacard, and the terminal would not know anything more. But I guess you have a manual or automatic charging activity for the suicaapp? At that point, who maintains the app, can map the data.

@codewiz Sorry, got carried away. At least the transaction time can be better with BTC :)

@ezowalker Same here (first 6 years visitor, last 4 years resident). Unless one uses the flatrate commuter rates between train stations, the Suica/Pasmo can also be purchased anonymously and are are not mapped to a name.

@tagomago I saw these interesting numbers last weekend:
As of 2017, 96% of all payments in Korea could be done electronically. 46% in the USA, and 19.8% in Japan. In Germany, 15.6% had electronic payment available at that time.

@codewiz Maybe they have bitcoin, but don't want to wait hours for having a transaction verified, and also not to contribute to global warming to the level of using ? ;)

@bodems Bin mir nicht sicher bei Briar, aber der hier ist noch neulich in der timeline aufgetaucht als signal/threema-alternative: getsession.org/

@zhenech I was just some minutes ago reading about the free antivirus software which sold their users activities.. so I basically had to assume that ;)

@zhenech I wonder how many users this would need to give you a good chance to get access to wlans in random city you might visit :>

@gbraad Interesting. I had verified that ¥ is the character used in Japan.. but the relation of the symbol to China was not apparent.

@luebbermann Vielleicht guckt er weil ob 5 oder 6, diese Entscheidung kannst Du besser treffen als er..

@aslmx I also had a sony from around that time, IIRC sony never had sdcard/microsd for conveniently extending storage.
Yes, not many devices are supported, its quite some work to get a new device supported. As for the M3K, it seems like the vendor did port the current rockbox version - fantastic thing to do, benefits them (sales) and us..

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