@codewiz Nice, was not aware.
Many different boot schemes around for aarch64, so we do not sell the distro for that arch only via partners who test it on the iron they sell.

The excellent LanguageLog explains how to express something as strong as 'fuck off' in :

@codewiz Yea, it's implementing the update system /fwupd) vs. knowing at least a part of the firmware itself (coreboot). Thought google had also used this in own data centers, but that had probably not resulted in publicly available products. Plus, these were server aimed, not desktop, and maybe also arm and not x86.

Du hast recht, bei "Menschenleben" hatte ich einen anderen thread im Kopf.
"Deppen" sind es für mich weil sie ihre Verwaltungsprobleme, die unabhängig vom OS sind, auf Linux geschoben haben und zurück zu Wiindows sind.

@codewiz @codewiz We got a reply, there is a thinkpad with AMD and fwupd support: fwupd.org/lvfs/devices/com.len
No plain AMD motherboards though as you say, and also nothing in onboarding phase from what I understand from the reply.

@codewiz coreboot for intel laptops is nice, but then they are building these systems so should of course have that knowledge. The coreboot thinkpad support was AFAIK all reverse engineered.

Richard Hughes (the fwupd guy) is not on mastodon, but I asked him on twitter how things are: twitter.com/chorntwi/status/13

@codewiz Indeed, seems like just Dell having some ryzen boards fwupd compatible: fwupd.org/lvfs/search?value=ry
System76 has some Ryzen laptops, but is AFAIK not fwupd compatible but insists in keeping their own firmware update stuff.

@tpheine @jwildeboer
Wollt schon sagen: da waren wir ja schonmal. Die Deppen mussten ja unbedingt alles zurück drehen.

@attilakinali If the other party is traveling sufficiently fast, that might at least look like a speedup on your end.

@benoit I stayed with ttrss. Just to play with the ttrss docker containers I created a debian buster KVM guest on my workplace, played through how update of the containers works and so on. More complicated than in the past, and I also run 2 times nginx and php code.. but seems to work so far.

@aslmx Nah, I just mean that Japan has not enough water power facilities to supply everybody. So they can just hand out a limited number of these contracts. Also interesting, when you use above a certain amount of energy on that plan, it gets more expensive - not cheaper.

has now a 100% waterpower plan, which I just changed into. I wonder what they do if all of their customers request it.. so how many contracts they can actually provide.

For which podcasts are you eagerly waiting for the next episode? For me:

Bilingual news (JP/EN, news)
'das ist eine gute Frage' (DE, Quaschning, Klimatecrisis)
Freak Show (DE, various topics)
Mikroökonomen (DE, economy)
fanboys (DE, indie games)
Methodisch inkorrekt (DE, science)

Whether it's a movie from China where a young student learns martial arts, or a Korean zombie movie, or 'Fukishima' from Japan: for all of their actors the German audio track seem to get these strange 'sounds funny, independent of what he says' voice actors. 2/2

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I watched that "Fukushima" movie yesterday, and made a discovery regarding German audio tracks of movies from Japan, China or Korea: it appears to me as if these get German voices which are a bit high and are taken as funny/not to be taken serious. Quite clear with the dramatic happenings in movie 'Fukushima'. They have pieces where American media is quoted, and these get serious pitch voices! 1/2

@rince Erinnert mich ein bischen an Congress-tickets ;)

@codewiz I would not consider the specs being remarkably better than pixel 4a or pixel 5. No apps need that extra memory as of now.

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