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Engineer hooked up cameras and sensors of his Tesla to a computer, using face and number recognition software to detect who was when in the vicinity, and if he is being followed.
Now imagine all cars doing that and communicating, and complete tracks of cars and people appear - without any cell phones being used for tracking.

Had a look at the CPU/memory performance of Raspberry pi4, Nintendo switch and a Thinkpad L480:

"Der Ton wird schärfer: USA drohen mit Abzug aller McDonald's-Filialen aus Deutschland"

♲ Kurze Bilanz nach einer Woche #Fleisch-Debatte: Was bringt es denn nun für den #Klimaschutz, wenn - sagen wir - alle Deutschen ca. 25% weniger Fleisch essen würden?

Nunja, ungefähr 8x so viel wie der komplette Verzicht auf den innerdeutschen Flugverkehr.…

7eleven will quit its electronic payment system after 4 months, because of "much abuse". At 1:20 in this video, the director is asked why no 2factor authentication (2FA) was used, and apparently does not know 2FA..
Details (Japanese):

my favorite classical work of art is Great Wave Off Kanegawa, which is part of a greater work called 36 Views of Mt Fuji

my favorite version of Great Wave is the one where the wave is cookie monster

LoRaWAN distance world record broken, twice. 766 km (476 miles) using 25mW transmission power

I just call it Microsoft GitHub these days. Does half the job of communicating the risks of it being a hard dependency for FOSS projects in particular.

'A multination project to build a fusion reactor cleared a milestone yesterday and is now 6 ½ years away from “First Plasma"'

"Der Bund und die Deutsche Bahn wollen offenbar rund 86 Milliarden Euro in die Sanierung des Schienennetzes investieren.' [über die nächsten zehh Jahre]
Super. Für Jahre hat man alles verfallen lassen, nun wirds halt teuer. "Man muß Privatisieren, dann wird alles viel besser und effizienter", haben sie gesagt..

TZ='Europe/Berlin' for the next 9 days; summer holiday in Germany..

Ihr müsst nicht die komplette Patentschrift lesen. Sucht einfach nach »sorry«.

"Den zehn Prozent Reichsten gehöre 60 Prozent des Nettovermögens in Deutschland [..] Das sei die höchste Quote in Europa."

Think about this next time you trade for a tiny bit of convenience:
the protesters on Hong Kong were queuing up in front of ticket machines instead of using electronic payment.

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