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These days, I use with uBlock origin (for blocking ads and trackers) and Cookie-AutoDelete (which only removes cookies from non-whitelisted pages right after I left them).
This is not to bad, just when trying to read news like , then they ask me again and again to accept their terms.
Any idea how to get rid of this? If I accept the cookie which says 'he accepted', then they can also use that to identify me among their readers..

Finally, is installed on my "Sun Ultra 5":
NetBSD 8.1 (GENERIC) #0: Fri May 31 08:43:59 UTC 2019
Thanks for all hints!

is a programming language made from Kanji, and "guaranteed to be readable by ancient Chinese people".

I am stuck trying to revive a Ultra 5.
I tried 2 usb-serial adapters, with same results. Connecting the ground/TX/RX pins of the adapters to serial port "a", I get garbled characters when turning on the Sun, and when pressing keys.
That smells like bad baud settings.. default should be 9600/8 Data bits/no parity/1 stop bit/no flow control. Changing data rate and these parameters does not help.
Any ideas?

Bei uns gibt’s wieder spannende Touren zum – Diesmal Flughafen, Technische Messe, die Museen Stasi, Druckkunst und Schrift. More to come! Schaut vorbei:

"Laut dem jüngsten Gesetzentwurf soll jeder Energiekonzern, der Steinkohle-Meiler betreibt, sagen, wieviel Entschädigung er als Gegenleistung für das Stilllegen von einem Gigawatt Leistung erhalten will."

As we all agree how bad America and others are acting in putting their industry before the environment, why don't we put tolls on their products?
That would set proper incentives, for industry in these countries, as well as the industry in countries who _do_ care.
Of course, on a smaller level everybody could buy products/services produce environment friendly, but we mostly do not know how environment friendly something was produced.

iodine (IPv4 runnwel over DNS) safes the day, as this hotel here has wifi, but not what I would call internet: no TCP connections allowed, besides port 80 and 443..

Last workday of this year over, off to Germany.
Hope to catch up with some of you in Munich (will be at the office there and at the Japanese lessons), Mühlhausen (hometown) and Leipzig ( )!

Who is posting pictures on mastodon, and when composing this years pictures for printing in a book has to screenshot the uploaded picture as the original can not be found?
*looking_down* *ducking*

Fun fact: Eine Maß Bier auf dem #Oktoberfest 2019 kostet mehr als eine Tonne #CO2 ab 2021.

I moved to , and some things are strangely 'just right'. Mount Fuji has just the right height so someone like me can climb it.
An other thing: my typographic senses are satisfied as my surname has 4 letters, which expressed in half-width letters are just perfectly lining up with Japanese names, which typically have 2 full width Kanji.
Example meeting attendees list:

Do Linux file systems notice silent change of disk data? What is bit rot, how to detect it? With the basics from my article, you can see how your $favorite-filesystem copes with bit rot.

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