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Of course, we could force the industry to get clean air.. but what's the thing to do instead? Right, to sell air purifiers!

My game charts, from what I played 2019:
1) Iron Marines (realtime strategy, Command&Conquer style, native Linux version)
2) Chrono trigger (role play game, played SNES in emulator - but also native Linux version exists)
3) Particle fleet (realtime strategy, Linux)

More details, looks good, apart of the fact that "hydrogen fuel cells" will not work out.

And another reason why one should reduce ones spending on Amazon
“Amazon ‘threatens to fire’ employees for campaigning against climate change”

Not sure what one could use that for.. but there are people who research if scissors on emojis can be properly closed or not..

The safety instructions. For me, an other example of excellent combination of culture and technology in

in other news, DE ICE trains have an API, I now have a fish snippet that formats it for my status bar if it detects that I'm on an ICE train's WiFi~

Seems like my flight is taking me into the past..
Nontheless, happy 2020!

pwnagotchi : a kind of tamagochi which sniffs surrounding wlan and collects crackable key material. Also exchanges its collections with pwnagotchis in the vicinity.

Just as I haven't seen it mentioned by anybody so far:
the glas tubes and halls of the reminded me of what a mars base might look like
(even though I recently read an article on these glas bowls not being the most realistic buildings for a mars base).

Ich gehe mal zum Iglu. Ich habe eine rote Jacke an.

Hm.. wir könnten uns am Eingang von dem Iglu dort treffen.. oder gibts was anderes markantes?

"Germany, a world leader in technology, engineering and innovation"

"Pentagon Reportedly Tells Suppliers To Prep Open-Source 5G Solutions"
I hope they are not just requesting OpenSource from the foreign companies.

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