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In , the supermarket is interested in my money, not in helping me to eat healthy.
If your employer gives you food, he actually is interested in you staying healthy!

Employers should to the least offer fruits besides candy..

Does Japanese water make different sounds than German water?
Klingt japanisches Wasser anders als deutsches Wasser?

Wer mich kennt, der weiß das ich kein Kapitalismusfreund bin.. ich war trotzdem erstaunt wie interessant der podcast ist.
Aktuelle Folge: Fachkraeftemangel, Korruptionsindex

Everybody looking at mp3 players: you might want to have a look at devices capable of running . I recently bought a FiiO M3K, with rockbox I can now again play exotic file formats like mod (from the ), and rockbox provides all kinds of features which normal players do not offer.

"okama" in can refer to transvestites and many other things. Japanese games refer to it, do their English translations dare to properly translate it?

You think #Huawei is bad for #5G networks because Chinese! Backdoors! And then the #CryptoAG story shows up. #oops

I love it when tradition meets technology.. there have been electrical guitars, now there is the electrical japanese style drum!

In , there are now topless meetings / トップレス‐ミーティング .
This means 'without laptop', not 'without upper torso clothes'.

I tried to compare co2 footprint, costs and time it takes to travel from Japan to Germany.
Trans-siberian railway route takes with 9days longer than I had assumed so far:

I got a Sanza Fuze+ mp3player, new, but completely empty battery. The device can not charge like this, but needs to be set into a recovery mode, get a 688 byte loader, and can just then charge. Who builds things like this? Rockbox wiki to the rescue.
Anyway, should now make a nice capable mp3 player :)

"[Strom-]Preise sind in den vergangenen 7 Jahren um rund 25 Prozent gefallen, während die Haushaltsstrompreise um rund 40 Prozent gestiegen sind"

I got now both players, 1.5weeks after ordering. The Fiio M3k runs ok with the one rockbox release which was ported, but seeking forward/backward is for me just with default firmware working - it's dualboot, so installed in parallel.
The sansa was apparently shipped from Singapore, the foam cover of the earpieces did fall apart immediately when unpacking, I guess they have a warehouse somewhere around with the sansa. Curious now to see rockbox/sansa, as it has full support.

For lunch, I was today going all in and tried chocolate ramen. Very nice that this kind of noodle soup is not just "set in stone", but also experiments like this are done. Worth to be tried out!

"DNS over HTTPS considerations" - Bert Hubert
Bert should have been sitting down in the "DNS over HTTPS" talk at the congress..

So in Japan we have areas where almost all people wear masks, and others with almost no masks.
My guess: if in an area only 30% start wearing masks, then others even if they do not believe it helps will also do so. Because of society pressure: even if the probability of getting ill is astronomically low, _if_ it happens and you were not wearing a mask, others will account it to you. If you were wearing a mask, "you did your best".
Society is something strange, sometimes.

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