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One of the things, is doing regarding : sending out 2 washable masks to every household. We call them . They arrived today:

Japanese schools seem to have a really hard time shifting schooling to virtual. Starts with teachers not being aware of what can be done technically, then selecting appropriate software, and security/cost/privacy aspects.
There would be room for Linux user groups to help!
Thread on mailinglist:

First system upgraded to : the Nintendo switch. Just have one monitor, the switch is just right next week for watching sessions.
, if you bring some patches upstream, you can ship the switch with Fedora, like Lenovo now does :)
Setup details:

has also good aspects: the best curry place in the city has free seats now

Da schreiben sich die Witze wie von selber: "Ölpreis zu niedrig: USA sagen alle Kriege bis 2022 ab"

Negative oilprice. So, someone can basically light up the end of a pipe, and then earn money while heating up the planet?
profit maximization! Will kill us, but before that there is at least nice profit, at least for some!

"Was Trump grown in a Chinese lab, with the goal of damaging the USA?"

Need something encouraging for the friday?
Pokemon title song to the rescue!

"Japanese lawmakers cutting their pay by 20%, because of virus crisis"
Nice move. Can't remember an instance when government did cut down their own pay.

Iron Sky - Dictators Cut

I'm sure everyone has seen this. If you haven't, you really should, it's epic 😅 And now for free due to #coronavirus !


Every time I hear about the oh-so-big-economical-losses due to , I remember "money is not disappearing, it's just moving to other pockets".
So how about the government to ensure that the crisis is not used to make the rich 1% even richer? Failing to do so will result in mobs with pitchforks, at some point.

For the upcoming holidays in Japan, I researched affordable hardware capable of running Linux.. running the cpu in FPGA seemed most promising, but also nothing useful found. So probably just emulation on x86..

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