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Fiddling with an addon board (~40€) for the these days, to stream HDMI over network. No sound as of now, and still researching which codec/caching provides lowest latency with reasonable picture quality. Streaming Nintendo switch output works nicely.

Inviting a colleague from EMEA into an APAC confcall to discuss a topic, him meeting all of the APAC colleagues (apart of me) for the first time, and after the call saying to me:"Red Hat looks more and more like a huge family.."

The drop of prices in the last years is impressive, why do we still allow governments to listen to the fossil mafia, heat up our planet and pullute our air?

theory of the day: teaching of English in is so bad, because it would encourage young people to move to other countries, further accelerating the overaging population.

or fan?
Then this virtual event on 19th May might be for you
(google translate does ok in translating it):

Interesting paper on how influences the energy sector. Page 112 is about Germany: less coal, more wind.
Fewer details on Japan, and the few are not good either..

today: 29°C and 60% humidity.
This is the beginning of a hot home office summer..

On the good side: numbers of new infections dropped recently, maybe weather impact?

Isn't it funny how within 24h the approach to #Keybase changed from "it's secure and awesomesauce, use it for everything!!1!" to "I just use it to share stuff but warn users not to do sensitive stuff there"?

No, actually it's not funny. Because it keeps happening:

1. a new shiny startup does X in an open source but centralized way
2. a lot of "experts" saying how great it is; some greybeards warn that it's centralized but nobody listens - it's so shiny and cool!

the real victory of star trek is that every species' video chat protocols magically interoperate

"Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life: How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow": I was at this exhibition, but did not get the explanations which they now have with the virtual 3D tour.
Well done! Automatic translation also works ok.

Someone: "I will just leave these scripts so others can quickly create Fedora32 images for "
Me: Digging through Ansible layers and guessing what my differences to his and my system are, and the purpose of the single steps..

Ansible: use it wisely.

In , cycling is one of the few allowed activities. Today took a picture of all 27 stations of the Mita subway line.
With that, I've gone to 24% of the 285 stations in Tokyo by bike.

at night, all in blue to thank everybody who keeps things running these days

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