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Nice : cpu cores get just the right amount of load, so their overview on the left resemples the 'bad apple' animation, which you can see on the right.

released today, it's app. Open Source, quite similar to the German app from what I see.
Let's see if the government manages to convince enough people that it's harmless, so it gets widely adopted.

Rundown through the app, and link to the sources:

Got to love the health care system.
I received a letter, to participate in rubella (German: Röteln) prevention measures. So that's not like "come over, and we give you the vaccine", but "come over, we take blood and test if you already have antibodies, and if not you get vaccinated".
Turns out I still have the antibodies, in East Germany these things were in order, all children were properly vaccinated.
All of this without additional costs, so with the tax money.

"No Ryzen 4000 this year? Report claims that AMD’s 7nm Zen 3 “Vermeer” might be delayed to 2021 due to “lack of competition” from Intel Comet Lake S for Ryzen 3000"

In Germany , there are now considerations on whether companies with branches in tax heavens should receive money to survive Corona, or not.
Voices against this say "there is no law against this, so should they just have acted ethically, in anticipation of such a crisis"?

I wonder if Japanese companies act more ethically, as they would receive penalties from society after misbehaviour becomes public.

Details in Japanese and English:

Japanese media did setup a theory that spelling something in English leads to more "air pressure" than spelling it in Japanese, leading to spreading quicker in English speaking countries. Oh dear.

Need an idea for activities? How about making an obstacle course for squirrels:

First 森林浴 ("bathing in the woods") since months, now that the emergency was lifted in Japan, and it's again considered 'ok' in society.

The German health minister is writing on on how fantastic the German health system is. Maybe that's not published in German media because he fears being confronted with facts..
If came a bit later, maybe he had already closed up additional hospitals.

I think the self restraint call was just removed for all the remaining regions in , like Tokyo and Hokkaido:

Grmpf. Doing screen recording for a technical webinar, showing technical things. In the last seconds of the session I get a popup notification from the webbrowser...

Fiddling with an addon board (~40€) for the these days, to stream HDMI over network. No sound as of now, and still researching which codec/caching provides lowest latency with reasonable picture quality. Streaming Nintendo switch output works nicely.

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