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The good news: Tepco now offers a plan with energy from 100% waterpower.
The bad news, their interfaces and sites are so horrible that I just gave up after one hour of trying to book it.
I wonder what they do if more people jump onto this than they can provide from water power plants.

Wow. So we have now robots "learning to walk" completely in simulation with pure computing power, and then using that in real life to walk.
paper , video

Why do Japanese have to react to such a sms, instead of saying "hah, I wait for a letter or something"?
Because reputation is everything, having a bad record for paying can prevent getting loans or a credit card. Also when I applied for PR, I had to prove to have payed taxes and have a clean record.

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So, fraud sms are a thing also in ..
Got one with "we could not fetch your fee, contact NTT support center".
Online access to credit card data showed though that they fetched money recently. Then, verification of the sender phone number and "contact here" number did not bring results. But searching the text shows that NTT issued a warning, and that they do not send such sms.

"super mario bros NES" goes for $660.000 .
Get rich with investing in computer games! At least it's not heating up the planet line ..

The Debian Project abruptly released all Debian Developers moments after a test A.I. instance assumed sentience

When playing , when your unix/linux user receives an email, the mail daemon appears in the game and delivers the mail to you.
I was quite flashed learning that. Has anybody other examples of this merging of the real world with a game? I hesitate to call "augmented reality" related here.. this is somehow special.

Aus aktuellem Anlass:
FdI 500:
Was man erst unbedingt haben will und dann gerne vergessen würde.«

I'm preparing a presentation on Japan and the German democratic republics similar points - and now I can't get the East German national anthem out of my head..

After years of running plainly dokuwiki as my main page, I created a new top-page, with links to wiki/blogs/image gallery.
Thanks @norbu , your page inspired me.

Nokia Bell Labs has transferred Plan9 to the Plan9 Foundation. Editions 1, 2, 3 and 4 have now been released under MIT license by the foundation.

Modern problems need modern solutions, I guess.
For this years tax declaration, I walked up to a consultation place, where staff fills in the data with me.
This label was glued to the screen, saying
「x」ボタンで画面を閉じないでください、so "please do not hit [x], as that closes the screen..".

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