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I added 🐻 a to my display name so y'all get a free bonus bear when I toot something.

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It is done! @glow, @draemmli and me from the #ChaostreffBern have sorted all the #stickers in the #eh19 sticker exchange.

Please don't ruin it, it has been A LOT of work, took us almost three hours.

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I found this very cool poster at the . Anybody know where I could get one?

I need a mix of classical music and techno beats that sound like they're coming through a wall. So when the neighbor knocks because the music is too loud I can switch to that and claim the techno music is coming from somewhere else and I'm just listening to quiet classical music to drown it out.

Bin bereit für die . Ist sonst noch wer im von Zürich (21:40) nach Wien (07:55)?

Does anybody know which of the common battery types (in powerbanks) is the safest? I am taping it it under a skateboard, so it is highly likely it will suffer a high-speed impact at some point. I don't want there to be a Michael Bay style explosion whenever I fall of my skateboard.

Not capitalizing all Nouns in English is the hardest Thing for me as a German Speaker to unlearn. Every time I write something in English I will have to go through the whole Thing again and lowercase all Nouns because it has been drilled into me for 10 Years to capitalize them in German.

Anybody got an idea what kind of RGB lights might work best under a skateboard?

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Ah, I found the 4K version of the black hole image. I'm considering getting a huge print of this

Sooo excited that the first ever picture of a black hole has finally been published. Tĥis is seriously cool, and you all need to look at it!

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BER-Verantwortliche finden Brexit-Aufschübe "nur noch peinlich"

Das nicht enden wollende Brexit-Chaos sorgt auch bei den BER-Verantwortlichen zunehmend für Ärger. Nun äußerte sich erstmals BER-Chef Engelbert Lütke Daldrup zu dem Thema und nannte die permanenten Aufschübe "dilettantisch und mehr als peinlich".

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