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I added 🐻 a to my display name so y'all get a free bonus bear when I toot something.

@absturztaube Can you unlock my account on My main instance is down ( and I can't deal with the mastodon-fe anymore.

ugh. my main instance has been down right now. And I think my admin isn't available during the week.

I'm still trying to grasp how CW's work. Is there a way for me to whitelist them?

“You don’t have to be afraid of opening your windows and airing out your home during the quarantine” said the man responsible for handling the current nuclear forest fires in Chernobyl.

This might be the most 2020 thing I've read all week.


Why do I only recognize self destructive behavior as such at the tail end of it? Because I was lonely these last few weeks started to isolate myself more and more from friends and family.

Music cuts out and then smell burning and then smoke.

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One of those USB magnetic cables just shorted and started melting. Luckily my phone seems to have survived with minor damage.

I spent hours looking for office desks that look like I am imagining the office desks at a 1979 IBM office look like, but I sadly haven't found one. Now I ordered a boring one.

They: We want it to be X.
Me: It is X.
They: $OtherPerson said they can't do X.
Me: But they did X.
They: $OtherPerson said you said they can't do X.
Me: But it is X. They did X. This is what X is.

Die vom 21. bis 24. Mai 2020 findet nicht statt. Ob es einen anderen Termin gibt können wir derzeit noch nicht sagen. Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden.

snail race

Müde. Ein Mensch in meiner Gruppe meinte tatsächlich 10 Uhr abfahren, als wir meinten wir wollen so um 10 mal los.

Wenn mit Tränengas auf Kinder schießen nötig ist, um das zu bewahren, was wir Europa nennen, dann isses die Scheiße echt nicht wert, Leute.

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