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I added 🐻 a to my display name so y'all get a free bonus bear when I toot something.

Painted my nails for first time with two colours.I 'm not sure I did it correctly. Is it normal to use masking tape?

Our server provider is like: "This is probably the toughest decision I ever had to make as a CEO of this company. But I am hereby advising all of our customers to start executing their disaster recovery plans starting now. The situation is not under control. [...] I know this probably does not mean a thing right now, but - coming from the bottom of my heart - I am really sorry that we put you in this situation.". And how is your Friday going?

the two hardest problems in computer science are off by one errors, naming variables and rampant misogyny

Trying to find a train connection so I can leave early. πŸ˜•

Another helpful tip, as there's no c3nav app this time:

You can add a home screen shortcut of
In Firefox/Fennec this works via the "+ sign in a house" icon in the top right corner.

so yeah if you're at #cccamp19 (is this the correct tag?) and want one of those stickers, please bother @fence and ask him about his opinion on groups in pleroma

trip verdict: Budapest tries so hard to be the Paris of eastern Europe it lost all its soul. Nevertheless I found some cool places. Most people are not very friendly.

Flying with a Bombardier C 100/300. Very excited to not fly the same old A320's for once.

This song started playing in my shuffled playlist, while I was waiting to board my aeroplane.


Running nmap on your network is a great way to find hidden cameras and remind yourself you need to improve your posture.πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


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