Have you ever wanted to see if your friends would fall for phishing?

For this purpose, I have just created a website that you can link to instead of a harmful, real phishing site. #PhishWarn warns the user that he/she has just almost become a phishing victim.

⚠️ pixelcode.codeberg.page/phishw

Of course, PhishWarn is completely harmless! Also, it's #FOSS and its source code can be found on @codeberg, by the way: codeberg.org/pixelcode/pages/s


@pixelcode @codeberg would be nice to set up the site in different languages too.
i know quite a few people who would need the little wakeup experience of clicking on auch a link and who do not speak english.
would be happy to supply a german translation (and look up some external sources to link too) if you like.

@glowl I speak German myself so the German translation is no problem. But I'm always open for other translations or any suggestions/contributions etc. (like external resources) ☺️

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