@porsupah I had an idea a while back for a Sleeping Beauty dress that would be designed to diffuse light through out the fabric (maybe with LEDs or fiber optics) and, with the help of a gyroscope, would have the dress change colors every time the wearer twirled.

@porsupah obviously it would only work well in a relatively dark environment but it'd be perfect for trick or treating at night or something.

@crasher35 Ah, good point.. though a daylight mode could be fun, with the right LEDs, if you didn't mind concealing some kind of substantial battery pack. I wonder what kind of power would be required for effective illumination in "average" daylight.

A subtle mode could be fun, balanced to /only just/ show, given the ambient light, lending one a barely perceptible glow as one walked. =:)


Led's that are visible in daylight could get a little hot. but could be although a neat feature because you do not have to wear extra clothing if it is cold outside. ;)

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