I spent the best part of the day taking apart and putting back together a mechanical calculator which I inherited from my grandfather.

The brand is Antares. I found a page jaapsch.net/mechcalc/antares.h with some info:

"In 1940 Paolo Pozzi founded his company Organizzazione Pozzi S.p.A., in Milan. It supplied office machines, such as typewriters and calculators, not only by importing foreign machines including the Precisa adding machines, but also by manufacturing their own. These machines were given the brandname Antares, which is the name of the brightest star in the constellation Scorpio, and use a star-shaped logo."

"The first calculator model, the P1, was released in 1940 or 1941”

The page goes on to describe the difference with the later models P2, P3 and P4 and based on that description, my machine is a P1, so it is 80 years old.

uhhh mechanical calculators are amazing.
I really want to get one while i am still in uni and one of my profs says we can bring everything as support for exams as long as its not electrical or living. ^^

@glowl If your exam tables are the size of ours, then mine might be a bit too bulky, you'd better get something like a curta.


ours are normal school size tables, so it might fit?
but a curta would be super awesome but although soooo expensive :...(

@glowl Pinwheel ones similar to mine were manufactured well into the 60s, probably until the early 70s, so I guess you could buy one like that quite cheap.

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