It’s a pretty ordinary house. Two storeys, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an interdimensional portal to another world in the basement.

I didn’t really know what do do with the portal until a friend who’s into fitness noticed that the world on the other side has slightly higher gravity than earth.

Now I make ends meet by renting the spare rooms out to weightlifters and marathon runners.



could you generate energy by having a closed loop of tube filled with eg. water half in the "real world" and half in the other dimension.
because if gravity is higher it would flow in one direction for eternity (if i am not totally mistaken) and a generator placed somewhere in the loop could generate electricity.

the loop would have to be higher at one dimenson change than at the other one obviously.

@glowl Sounds like a perpetual motion machine to me! Good luck with your venture, perpetual motion is a bit too fantastical for me.

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