There will be a presentation of greenerWP at the Demo-Day of the @PrototypeFund on February 27th in Berlin. Get to know greenerWP and other great projects :)

Coming up: Page size statistics where the size of all the page's resources (images, scripts, ...) is included. Based on data collected in visitors' browsers. This will help to identify bloated pages (or often visited pages with medium bloat) in your website. Yay :)

We just released the new version 0.0.6 of the plugin. Beside small changes and compatibility with the latest WordPress release, it includes a new experimental optimisation: image lazy loading. The guides will be updated soon.

The greenerWP plugin now includes a simple optimization for which prevents insertion of jQuery on every post and page. Does not work for every use case, but it's a simple solution for many simple needs.

Lots of big images and wrong image formats decrease your website's sustainability. Read more about the topic in 's new guide.

What's the problem with web fonts? Read our new guide on the topic and try 's feature to disable web fonts. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community