Finally, the fediverse icon mosaic is finished - and I love the result :blobheartcat:

#art #mastoart #fediverse #inkscape

:blobwizard: Was Bits und Bäume verbindet, Digitalisierung nachhaltig gestalten.

Jetzt auch als Papier freies PDF zum download: :blobaww:

Does an #Instance like this exist?

100% #GreenEnergy

100% #FreeSoftware and no tracking

100% stance against #HateSpeech by strictly moderating #Nazis and such. #HateSpeechIsNotFreeSpeech

100% stance against instances that don't pick a side, but pick sidelines, by blocking instances that like #LibremOne don't moderate nazis.

@greenfediverse @switchingsocial @brainblasted

💚 Brainstorming & how you can help!

- introduction video to by users, published on a green instance.
- green .
- general List for .
- "How to" migrate your -account to a green instance - article.
- research: not just instances: you can check instances if they run on and put them (if they are) on our open list.

any other ideas? :) 💚

We migrated from plume to !
From now on, all info's to our project can be found here: is a instance which is running on 100% ! They use a from:

Our mastodon-account is also running on a green "Hetzner" server!
💚 🌱

Thank's for boosting, but we found one! ;) is a instance which runs with 100% !

They use a from:

Vautron says:: "Zu Nachhaltigkeit verpflichtet - 100% . Wir betreiben unsere Server ausschließlich mit 100 % Ökostrom. Aus Verantwortung für Mensch und Natur."

we are searching for a host which is running on renewable energy. if you can host us, please send a link or invitation with a direct message. would be wonderful! thanks! 💚

let's talk about

have you ever transformed or built a sustainable digital infrastructure that runs on or used energy-efficient hardware? how does it look in detail and how can someone transform to it?

Is your -instance (server) running with a contract?
Do you produce the for your server by yourself?
If yes, feel free to sign our open-list:

At the moment we count 13 green instances in the fediverse!
That's great for a start!

Let's build the first green decentralized network on this planet and let's share the conciousness about a green digital infrastructure!

At some people developed the idea to coordinate a voluntary , take of some websites/servers/services during day September 20, displaying banners instead, etc.

To stay in touch, we agreed on using a channel on the Mattermost server of : click “Join Us” on
and create your account, then join the channel shutdownforclimate.


//project-support 💚

there is a fresh open project in the !
& are born! there is a open pad to collect ideas for action how admins and techies can support the protests in september!

you can use the pad (in german, see link) or hashtags to join! check
or follow: @c3sustainability

Heute kam die Idee bei der auf, analog zu den Aktionen als IT- und Serveradmin etwas wirksames bei den Protesten für das Klima beizutragen. So ein könnte sehr wirkungsvoll sein, alleine schon wenn es angedroht wird. Sind z.B. Wikipedia und Co mit im Boot,... Bestimmt gibt es auch noch bessere Ideen für ein Hashtag.

"While , , and may put on a progressive air towards and extol their own clean energy investments, they are in reality deep into the process of automating the ."

nearly everyone knows!
it's a nice project, but did you know that their search-engine is not running on 100% !
they use aws-servers from amazon!
amazon says: "AWS exceeded 50% renewable energy usage for 2018." conclusion: they are not 100% !

is it an illusion to use their service? is it greenwashing?
so please , why not using 100% renewable energy?

💚📣 Morgen geht's ab! !

: 12:00 Uhr, Brandenburger Tor
... und überall auf der Welt!

"Anlässlich der Europawahl werden am 24. Mai über die Grenzen Europas hinaus junge Menschen auf die Straßen gehen, um auf die Bedeutung der Europawahl für unser globales Klima aufmerksam zu machen."

Auch in deiner Stadt?

die hat in ihrem magazin einen artikel zu " in grün?" veröffentlicht. dort werden unter anderem folgende blockchain-initiativen vorgestellt:
- /
- /

sind diese projekte wirklich ökologisch nachhaltig und empfehlenswert? was denkt ihr darüber?

hier zum text und letzten ausgabe des magazins (S. 16 + 17) als pdf:

If your instance is running with , join could join our open-list project, where everyone can see and choose!
Sad is, that most of the biggest instances of the fediverse are using fossil-powered and mixed energy to run their servers!
What we need is a digital infrastructure!
here, we have the chance, we are more independent!
As a instance owner, you could change your energy-contract that let your servers run on !


Eckpunkte einer "Umweltpolitischen Digitalagenda"

"In dem auf der 2019 vorgestellten Eckpunktepapier ist in zehn Thesen Svenja Schulzes Vision einer zukunftsfähigen Digitalisierung skizziert. Die enthaltenen Vorschläge und Ideen dienen als Diskussionsgrundlage."

take a look at:

" is accelerating the growth of the next economy - the Open Source Economy - an economy that optimizes both production and distribution - while promoting environmental regeneration and social justice. We are building the Global Village Construction Set. This is a high-performance, modular, do-it-yourself, low-cost platform - that allows for the easy fabrication of the 50 different industrial machines ..."

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