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Einige Studien, die etwas neuer sind und sehr lesenswert:
- (2022) Fairphone open source map + supply chain engagement report and life cycle assessment
- (2022) sehr detailiertes #CSR Screening von mit Daten von ISS #ESG (#oekom) von vielen Unternehmen - in der kostenlosen Variante leider nur das Gesamtergebnis. Siehe auch hier
- (2022) Beim #UBA geht aktuell viel in Richtung #greenIT. Unter anderem gibt es nun blaue Engel zertifizierte Server aus Deutschland und bald auch fΓΌr Datacenter.
- (2021) Stiftung Warentest Smartphone CSR check:
- (2020) #greenwashing
- (2019)
- (2017) Greenpeace guide to greener #electronics (more or less only about toxic material, but a "recent" ranking)
- (2017) #greenpeace


πŸ“’ :
check this out again:
we updated the issue:
"Expand the list: , , "

The question is: should we counter-track fediverse instances for data protection reasons?

3 days to vote / discussion opened!

πŸ“’ :
check this out again:
we updated the issue:
"Expand the list: , , "

The question is: should we counter-track fediverse instances for data protection reasons?

3 days to vote / discussion opened!

Thanks to @Jolg42 πŸ’š for coding! The green instance list is now running with @fediverseobserver! More than 18000 instances of the have been fetched and green checked!

@RyunoKi @greenfediverse I played with the script and posted something.

My Python skills are limited but that was fun 😁

πŸ“’ πŸ’š !

There must be someone out there for whom this is a piece of cake!? :)

Here is the latest issue:
We need to change the
There is just some code we need to change.
The graphql database we want to fetch is explained here:

I think maybe there are just names/categories which won't fit and need to be changed!?

For all those hackers against climate change, just a little reminder, we have still some open issues.
See repository or matrix! πŸ’šβœŠ

@greenfediverse True. However, properly specced, the power supply side of it can be remarkably long-lasting, reducing its overall impact.
But it's a good reason to use things like Pis when one can - there's physically less of it, & therefore it's more sustainable. I would also argue that using Free Software is part of the sustainability equation. Generally speaking, FOSS provides lightweight options, as I discuss on my blog.

@greenfediverse Ah, thanks for the clarification.
There are some fabulous projects around the world on micro-grids and rural electrification, eg Community Energy Malawi.
The global south generally has more reliable solar, so I understand the question.
I sometimes wonder (can't be sure as I'm not involved) whether internet access is an issue in those circumstances too. CG NAT cell makes external access an issue, so VPNs would be necessary.

example: an instance is running on a Raspberry Pi with an island solar with battery ...

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@greenfediverse @dch We are rural, & have very poor broadband, only to ADSL2+ standard, but we are far from the exchange. Not a good enough phone signal either.
We use solar and wind, as we are far north, and have virtually no solar in winter, when, apart from no strength in the sun, day length is just 6 hours. See
Yes, it would be possible to operate an instance with the system without any problem, except for the internet connection.

Are there already people who operate a self-sufficient instance, e.g. off-the-grid with a solar module or something else? πŸ’š

Wer sich mit Python, graphql und der nodeinfo2 auskennt, Lust und Zeit hat an der @greenfediverse Liste zu basteln, schreibt mich gern auf Matrix an, dann basteln wir zusammen am Code der! πŸ’š
Ich mΓΆchte gern die Liste von @fediverseobserver integrieren, also software, location usw. auslesen kΓΆnnen, siehe auch Repo:

As some of you may have noticed, we have changed the database to Thanks to @minoru and @lightone for this hopefully long lasting service on!

We have some open issues and explained it on matrix:

From now on, you can support us and everyone who participates in the project. We are now on ko-fi: and want to drink β˜• with you!

We also made a list of contributors who helped: πŸ’š

We need to talk about how to fetch instances for our GreenInstancesList in the future.
We'll have some possibilities.

issue on git:

discussion on matrix:

every creature welcome πŸ’š

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