Are servers from , , and running with ?

If not, why are most of the green movements using these platforms, while any click could mean they are using fossil energy! I think it's not in their interest!

Maybe they haven't thought about it yet?
Could it be an argument for the ?
What do you think?

@greenfediverse The answer why movements are using these platforms is reach. As long as we have the network effect, that won't change.

And I can assure you, that a lot of people in these movements have given it a thought. But it requires wo*manpower to maintain an additional account in the fediverse.

It would be extremely helpful to have an app that can maintain Birdsite and Fediverse in parallel - for posting the same stuff in both worlds while keeping track of reactions in both worlds.

@greenfediverse Google seems to be pretty green. The rest I don‘t know.

Of course we have to be responsible with our fediverse instances. For this was not negotiable.

@marian @greenfediverse Google is green? Google, just as Microsoft or Amazon or any other of the #GMAFIA, collaborates with oil companies and fails to keep up with their own renewable energy plans.

@mastohost @Erik

What i found at the end of this thread is a statement from about wind-energy:

Would be interesting to know how far they are, because most of the mastodon instances are using OVH servers right now. (15,34%)

@greenfediverse Thank you for raising this issue!

Too few people consider the impact of their online activity.

@greenfediverse I support the decentralized #fediverse myself, but (not wearing my #Facebook employee hat here) FB/Instagram/WhatsApp will be effectively 100% on renewable energy by next year.

How much more sustainable they could be without the advertising infrastructure, I don't know.

@michel_slm @greenfediverse

You say it! The minimum are solar and wind, fine. But, ... when I click on a facebook page there is also a lot of code in the page which will connect to many other advertisers server that I would say, without a case study, are not 100% green - it's not possible to fully understand the connection of hoster.

@michel_slm @greenfediverse
The use of Facebook can not be sustainable because it's a advertising network which is selling your data directly to other servers which are in best case green and you have no control of it.

Please tell me how could it ever be green?
For me this is
So much useless advertising which is producing co2. This is f. sad.

@michel_slm @greenfediverse
it's like you are forced to use for example fossils.

@moagee @greenfediverse ah yes. So two separate issue there, #1 the energy used to serve ads and to track you to customize the ads (to think about it, some of them happen on your phone or browser so it's only as green as the average power supply). Even the server usage is arguably wasted.

But yeah the additional processing on the advertiser's side triggered by people clicking the ads should be considered too.

@moagee @greenfediverse I just hope FB's adding enough power capacity that it at least enables more people to use renewable energy. That at least is a net plus.

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