We worked a little bit on the webhosting list and checked all provider (not single instances) which host more than two instances with API.

The pad is always open and you can help with some research to complete the list.
We are also working on a real-time list, but the serious research about every must be done manually to reach more .

Take a look:


@greenfediverse i see you continue spread green capitalism propaganda (repost about XR movement). Also you do not answer my last comments. It looks you are not responsible fro your activity.
Or am I wrong and you won't use censorship again and you will answer for your actions?

I have suspicions that your business here will be as irresponsible as your involvement in promoting climate change in the interests of big business:

I sincerely want to make a mistake in your case, but in the face of your irresponsibility, all i could only make assumptions.

@greenfediverse You said:

> if you want to talk about a specific topic,
> toot something what invite others to discuss.
> i will "maybe" boost it.

I make post for it:

But you not busted it. Are you cheated me? Are you ready spred only colonial propaganda? But not some information from locals who have suffered from this?

Does it mean that you are in tandem with the Rockefellers (your informational activity here definitely coincides with their interests) and against the inhabitants of the third world countries, whose slave labour makes your Western prosperity possible?
I've given you information many times before - but it seems you've ignored it all.
Please don't be irresponsible and explain your motivation to me.

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