we combined data from &

the result is a list for the with a daily update! the list shows: hostname/instance, location/country, hosting-provider/company and the greencheck by the green web foundation (green or grey)

the list:

ideas and participation welcome!
the script can be found here:

@greenfediverse I know is (mostly) green because I asked my provider.

What's an easy way to update your list?

we just combined two sets of data and we have no control over it. it's just a script which uses the two open APIs.
to optimize or change the results, visit the foundation website, i think you need to register and show them proof.

@greenfediverse this is really cool! I was wondering, should Cloudflare count as green? it masks whether or not an instance is hosted on a green or grey provider so i could make my instance "green" by using cloud flare even tho digital ocean is listed as grey?

the prob with those big companies like cloudflare is that they use serverfarms everywhere on this planet. So it depends on local conditions if they have the possibility to use renewable energy. If they say, it doesn't mean that it's really renewable energy - greenwashing is also a big problem. Some of the big ones like cloudflare are not transparent. Did you found further info's about their energy use?
We had that topic before if you are interested ;)

@greenfediverse @catgoat #CloudFlare is inherently energy wastefull. Bots & humans who use text-based browsers are the most environmentally respectful b/c they do not tend to download images (which consumes far more bandwidth than text). When images are not downloaded, CF's #Google #CAPTCHA automatically treats the connection like a hostile bot, & actually pushes images to an otherwise very green session,

@catgoat @greenfediverse then #CloudFlare denies access to the very connections that are most respectful of the environment.

@greenfediverse @catgoat It also would not make sense to evaluate the serverfarm that a website connects to since most of the traffic is between #CloudFlare & the visitors, not website-to-CF. The vistors can come from anywhere, so you'd have to work out the percentage of unclean serverfarms under CF's control. For #AWS it's 50%.

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