Could you please help out and name all with a focus on and environmental protection you know!?
Why? There will be an update of the list soon.

@greenfediverse You can also use the #Fediboost hashtag for increased visibility for these instances if you wish

we don't need extra visibility, organic growth works and we have super nice follower. ;)

@greenfediverse That is good! To each his own!

Would you mind if I used to tag to promote the list once it is done? It doesn’t seem to align with my interests but I love supporting groups that are outside my interests!

My 2 favorites are:

a is running on - only refurbished hardware, refurbished building, they really sound interesting!

b is running on, certified by Greenpeace energy, the best standard at least I have seen in the fediverse. 121,53 MW hydroelectric plus 197,48 MW wind (from Germany and Austria only).

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