Yesterday the 'Charter for a Sustainable Digital Age' (draft): ‘Our Common Digital Future’ launched in New York.

"The has been accompanied by ever increasing energy and resource consumption, as well as global production and consumption patterns that place an even greater burden on ecosystems." [...]

Everyone is invited to give feedback and comment on this charter till January 31st, 2020!

Tomorrow! Everyone! Everywhere! 💚
Global September 20-27

Check out if there is a strike near your place and join!

Is your -instance (server) running with a contract?
Do you produce the for your server by yourself?
If yes, feel free to sign our open-list:

At the moment we count 13 green instances in the fediverse!
That's great for a start!

Let's build the first green decentralized network on this planet and let's share the conciousness about a green digital infrastructure!

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