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Free software infighting 

And what I mean by poor arguments is, so much sarcasm, snarkiness, and immaturity. Like, really people, if you're going to try to have a mature conversation about serious topics, stop inserting your snide remarks like this is some kind of comedy routine. If people actually focused on the actual content of conversation, maybe less feelings would be hurt and we'd be able to learn some fucking empathy.


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Free software infighting 

I'm not deeply involved in the FSF, GNU, or anything like that, but I've been a free software user for a long time and hold strong beliefs about what freedom in software and technology mean to me.

Any time I see something on my feed regarding the FSF, GNU, or the like it is a huge distraction because I know this stuff matters and I want to stay informed.

My biggest takeaway, though, is just that I see so many from all sides attacking each other with poor arguments.


I am proud to announce the release of version 0.8.0 of libgtkflow!
* new async api style concepted and implemented by [activey](
* tons of bad bugs fixed

get it at

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I tried some casting! These keycaps haven't turned out perfect - the corners didn't have enough resin, not sure why. But once they're fully cured in a week they'll be cool to try out!

The moulds I've made have turned out really well but I have a long way to go with the casting. I think it would help to change to an epoxy with a mix ratio closer to 1:1, so there's not a really tiny amount of hardener to measure out.

my cat always brings me those awesome build-yourself-a-rat kits. somehow they're always missing parts 馃樋

the geometric configuration of components in the simulation from yesterday has turned into a printable assembly structure!

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optic simulations for the spectrometer up and running and, for what i can tell, correctly parametrized. lets see if they turn out to be meaningful in reality

one day later it's reality. testing reveals, i need to do a second revision.

grinding lenses manually is kinda tedious-ish so lets see wheter the cnc can do that for me as well. i designed a tool for that. it's currently printing. maybe i'll do an assembly and test stream later.

manufacturing lenses at home for custom optics in projects? definitely possible! only minor imperfections left to eliminate!

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Hier laufen nicht zuf盲llig Android-Freelancer:innen auf Suche nach einem Projekt rum, oder? :)

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LABR LIVE has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

live dj sets, soulful house music, dance adjacent jams

#music #dj #dance #housemusic #soulfulhouse #livesets #mashups #house

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elektronik, code und basteley . zu gast: indian pale ale! ab 21:00 CET auf

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technomancy has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

The fine art of getting technology to do what you want it to 鈥 sometimes.

#tech #software #coding #electronics

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rareCast has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Webradio / Nerdstation, hosted by Ruffy.

#music #software #coding #linux #dj #dance

ich geh um 21:00 live mit einer neuen runde prototypenbau

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