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- wenn dein lineageOS-klingelton auf einmal kein eindeutiges indiz mehr dafür ist, dass _dein_ handy klingelt

should we render the delete button with or without frame? :) see first reply for example screenshot

these nodes have reached critical levels of fanciness! style your nodes with CSS. and i improved the rendering of the corners. they arent faking to be round anymore!

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@wolf konkret habe ich das problem, dass "forum" nicht in der karte verzeichnet zu sein scheint. ist das "atrium" gemeint?

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Wer Lust hat, mal in Echt einige Leute von hier kennenzulernen, ist 💙-lich dieses WE 1.+2.10..2022, zu unseren zwei #Feditreffen eingeladen. Da sich im Zuge der #bitsundbaeume22 ohnehin gerade sehr viele Menschen in Berlin tummeln, haben wir mal 2 Termine je 14:00 im Forum (Mathegebäude) vereinbart. #bitsundbaeume2022 #bitsundbaeume #bitsundbäume #bitsundbäume22 #bitsundbäume2022

@ueckueck @butterflieshope @gebrauchskunst @blipp @Zahlenzauberin @tunda @fsfeberlin @yala @kunde_x @tunda @c47 @firefly @tard

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22: Timelens

The supported several of my projects! <3 Timelens lets you see the *structure* of videos!

I integrated it into, and there's also a command line tool and a userscript for YouTube, see! 📽️🌈

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i just realized that 4 has just about a third (38%) of the codebase of 3 . many kudos to all the developers out there for making this possible by simplifying the API so much.

🥳 Celebrate with me for two reasons! The rewrite is done. i have released for 4 in version 0.2.1 . check it out at /

IMPORTANT: libgtkflow is now called libgtkflow3 and is complemented by libgtkflow4 !

Second reason: I have decided to bump libgtkflow3 and libgflow to 1.0 ! The API has been stable enough for a long time and maybe this encourages developers more to use the library.

oh wow. look at those chonkers! the five last known bugs, including resizing behaviour of the nodes, have been fixed. now i have to adapt some things downstream and intend to do a release tomorrow!

spoiler: of course, libgtkflow4 is going to be published under LGPLv3 as all other libs that derive from the repo /

and the minimap is back, too. i now deem the gtk4 port feature-complete. time to make a 0.2-release.

colored connections are back in for 4 . The programmer can bind on a signal called GtkFlow.Dock.resolve_colror on Dock-Widget that displays a GFlow. The signal requires the programmer to return a color based on the dockwidget itself and the last value of the dock.

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things keep falling into place in . here's a screenshot of the 4 version with marking and moving multiple nodes enabled again. also it's the first screenshot that displays nodes in a Arc:dark theme instead of the usual light Adwaita.

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When you merge that one PR that resolves 10% of your open tickets at once.

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