Legally changing my name to {K.KUNDENVORNAME} so I can get my tickets.

Going to see Rammstein this weekend and realised I haven't even listened to the new album yet.

D&D concept:

"This is the Neck Snapping Lawyer, and what I have for you today is a Zhentarim bugbear. We'll start by applying heavy tension from behind and rotating clockwise... got a click out of one, big click on three, and there we go."

they're currently shouting something unintelligible at each other, at the top of their lungs, back and forth. this is going to be a long month.

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rudely awoken at 7am by workers outside, who I can only presume brought a tunnel boring machine with them because my bedroom was resonating

A man who won over US$100,000 in an American quiz show because he was able to notice a pattern in the flashing lights on the "Big Board."

also no idea whether the impedance discontinuity from the connectors will be too much for DDR3L. it's probably fine? it isn't in the 3D model but they have a contact that runs down the middle for ground referencing, so you don't have to put VSS on 1/3 of your pins.

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concept design for a low cost BGA96 interposer using uncovered vias as pads. the vias are 0.2mm drill, 0.4mm top; the idea is to place 0.35mm solder balls onto them. no idea whether this will work reliably, but it avoids via-in-pad so it can be fabricated cheaply.


phrase I was not expecting to hear today: "surround sound bukkake"

anyone else get an extremely strong impulse to go take a nap when they're frustrated by something?

I feel for the guy cos if you're a self employed contractor and you get ill you aren't getting a penny in support, so your only option is to try to work through it and hope you're ok, but on the other hand it'd have been nice if he'd just told me so we could reschedule in 2wks.

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Tiling contractor I hired had to go home cos he turned up and started coughing up a lung so hard he threw up. Welp, better hope having just got over COVID I've still got some short term immunity. 🙄

Took a nap cos I was absolutely useless without sleep, woke up with Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura stuck in my head. How the hell does my brain dredge this shit up? I haven't listened to MTH in about 10 years.

My brain is a fuckin' weeb.


how can I sleep while my back is hurting

how can I sleep while my spine's not working

smashed my little toe into the doorframe and invented a range of new swearwords

placing a battery with a pick and place machine: LiPo suction

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