@mcc I have the same problem. I started writing a short blog post on MOSFETs and now it's a 3-part video series with associated blog post summaries :|

@xssfox That second line font alone is a dead giveaway. Why is it always that font? 🤔

[hacker voice] I'm in
[dragon voice] and for that reason, I'm out

me: can we go one day without getting a stupid nonsense phrase stuck in my head?

brain: lol, "rotator cuff perjury"

you know it's a good video when I come away from it wanting to build a toy multiphase buck converter with a microcontroller as a buck reg controller

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"130nH sounds like a small inductor, but it is in fact not, because [...] the physical area of the inductor is proportional to the square of the current, which at 200A is substantial"

that proportionality is an *extremely* useful yardstick to have in my toolbox

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I don't remember who pointed me in the direction of Prof. Sam Ben-Yaakov's videos but they're damn good. His mic kinda sucks in the older videos but they're still extremely educational. The inductor sizing issues he raises here were a real eye opener.


You know it's unreasonably hot when you're getting Grafana alerts on hardware temperatures while at idle load.

and then we looked
into /proc
there was a /proc/lobster


@daniel_bohrer yup, but the spec was just listed after the warranty information with zero context lol

pun, product photo of sex toy 

@joepie91 "getting some head tonight" "from who?" "philip"

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