@ashfurrow regatding the new rule: "no unsolicited advice from strangers". What does that even mean? I cant advice an application to someone publicly?

@Wraptile it’s basically a “do onto others as you would have them do onto you” but extended to a specific scenario (which tech people sometimes get wrong). Most users are already adhering to this rule, we are just trying to judge everyone to be kinder to strangers.

@ashfurrow @Wraptile for a concrete example:

Bob: "Ugh I hate Windows my printer never works"

Good reponses:
Alice (who does not know Bob at all): "That sucks!"

Erin (who is mutuals with Bob): "Oh no! Have you tried these drivers?"

Bad response:
Todd (who does not know Bob at all): "Oh no! Have you tried using Linux?"


@xmakina @ashfurrow @Wraptile

how would erin's answer be worth less if it came from alice or todd?

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@guenther @xmakina @Wraptile it isn’t about worth, it’s about familiarity. It’s difficult to outline definitive rules for what types of social interactions are acceptable, but a general guideline is to lead with empathy; Alice is leading with empathy because they are acknowledging the problem and validating the feelings (“that sucks”). Todd’s answer doesn’t do that, and he doesn’t have the familiarity to skip it (whereas friends might).

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