Next year, my older son starts highschool. They use MS Office 365, which I consider a tragic waste. I feel very strongly that my boy shouldn't have to install any Microsoft (or any other proprietary) products in order to study at a public school. It's ethically indefensible, esp on his Linux-powered laptop. He can use excellent, functionally equivalent #FOSS & if the tech staff don't 'get it' & insist on MSO, then they'll have a major problem on their hands. Summary:


@lightweight he won't have to install anything, office is a webapp these days

@guenther no it isn't, really. Plus it's still nasty proprietary software with unpalatable terms of use. It's a gross injustice on school kids to let the use it, much less to require them to do so. It's digital colonisation of our kids.

@lightweight Microsoft will indeed have very good insight into who your son is by the time he graduates.

@guenther not if he doesn't use any of their software... time will tell, but I think I've got a strong advantage.

@lightweight just make sure your son is in on this and doesn't start to hate you for being the annoying fossnazi dad :|

@guenther understood, and I agree (although not with the "FOSSNazi" characterisation. My position is both positive and anti-evil, not the reverse, so the term 'Nazi' doesn't apply in any useful sense). I'll make sure my boy's on board before I do anything that can blow back on him.

@lightweight @guenther A lot of contemporary software is really just digital colonialism. More people need to recognize that, because once it's understood then maybe we can begin the anti-colonial struggle for real.

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