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If you use #Rust in a corporate environment you should be aware of the licensing that exist on #Windows. #RustLang uses Visual Studio Build tools, and it follows the rules of VS Community edition unless you have a payed license.

250 pc's or $1 mill revenue will put you squarely into #Microsoft definition of enterprise.

The community license is here: visualstudio.microsoft.com/lic

The post that reminded me of this is: internals.rust-lang.org/t/use-


@trevorfsmith @rustlang

Why would one not just use the x86_64-pc-windows-gnu target (MinGW) instead? Are there any downsides?


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@guenther @trevorfsmith not sure, depends on the license I guess. I have used it to cross-compile windows binaries on Linux systems in the past, and they did run on Windows. That was C and not rust though.

For a corporation the license fee should be ok though, but it does seem like it is undercommunicated that it might be required.

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