Nice, the gave money to develop an offline, privacy friendly translation engine, and it's been released!

turns out, the engine was developed by Microsoft, wo also got EU money

@guenther Not always convinced on EU R&D projects, but this is a good one. Being able to do local translation, and have the code and models out there for community improvement, is a big step forward. I suspect it will help undeserved languages too.

@guenther Wonder, though, if there's necessarily badness in companies developing software that is publicly funded, open-source and adhering to applicable laws and regulations, like talking privacy?

@guenther and released as free software (but lax licensed: MIT).

Sadly is down right now.

@guenther As always, there is never true independence from BigTech

@guenther Das Firefox-Add-On tut gar nichts bei mir. Pflanzt sich als unangenehm blaues Icon in die URL-Leiste neben den monochromen Icons und wenn ich darauf klicke, passiert einfach gar nichts.

@guenther Aah, jetzt auf einmal kommt da eine zusätzliche Übersetzungleiste runter!

@eichkat3r @frumble sie haben beide norwegischen Schriftsprachen, aber kein Französisch

@guenther Wonder how it compares with @argosopentech's argos-translate, which powers LibreTranslate.

@Seirdy @guenther It looks like they're using Marian NMT which is Microsoft's open-source translation system. I think it works well, and its models are compatible with CTranslate2, which is the inference engine for Argos Translate.

@Blort Would be nice, but I doubt there's enough training data available :/

@guenther cooperation with other translation software would be great #crowdin for instance

@guenther I don’t see anything here regarding the size of this thing.🤔

@babelcarp @guenther Looks like the models for German-English translations are stored in ; that's just three files with ~15 MB in total. The entire model repo is ~1.5 GB.

The code itself appears to live at ; together with its Git submodules it's ~50 MB. I don't know if that's really the full code though, or if it downloads more code during build.

@guenther Cool project! On a similar note, Argos Translate already exists for offline translation, but there is not a browser extension for it.

@modulux @guenther Translate the same strings into the same languages that you can read.

@thomzane @guenther Right, I meant if there's some sort of standard to measure translation engine quality or such.

@guenther Cool, I wonder how to run it without Firefox.
Time to learn wasm.

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