#Klimawandel und #IT, was getan werden kann:
- Nutzt eure Geräte solange sie funktionieren
- Wenn Neuanschaffung nötig ist, kauft refurbished Geräte
- Nutzt sparsame Geräte
- Nutzt sparsame Betriebssysteme, diese laufen auch besser auf älterer Hardware (vor allem Linux).
- Beim Streaming SD oder maximal HD nutzen, 4K ist ein Klimakiller

Links zum Thema:
Wie mache ich meine IT grün?

Energieverbrauch von verschiedenen Betriebssystemen

Today is the 25th of a month! So an open call at 18:00 UTC is coming up today. 🙂


Do you know a (or similar) about projects, contacts, news and so on on the topic fighting ?
Something like "This week in Matrix" (link below) just for hackers interested to spread news on their environmental protection projects as well as stay up to date on what happens around the world (ideally).

We had the idea to set up something like that.


I am looking for volunteers who could translate my article on Frugal Computing (low-carbon, sustainable computing), preferably in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French, but other languages are also very welcome.

Thanks for boosting!


Environmental concerns grow as space tourism lifts off

After years of waiting, Richard Branson's journey to space this month on a Virgin Galactic vessel was supposed to be a triumphant homecoming. Instead, the jaunt attracted significant criticism—about its carbon footprint.

phys.org/news/2021-07-environm #climateemergency #pollution #environment #ecology

I wrote an article about the need for low-carbon and #sustainable #computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.


** The problem:
* By 2040 emissions from computing alone will be close to half the emissions level acceptable to keep global warming below 2°C. This growth in computing emissions is unsustainable: it would make it virtually impossible to meet the emissions warming limit.
* The emissions from production of computing devices far exceed the emissions from operating them, so even if devices are more energy efficient producing more of them will make the emissions problem worse. Therefore we must extend the useful life of our computing devices.
** The solution:
As a society we need to start treating computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible. We need frugal computing: achieving the same results for less energy.
** The vision: please read the article, I'm out of characters.


We are looking for one more PhD student to work on the generation of graphs with GNNs (:

If you are a good programmer, interested in GNNs and not afraid of math, checkout our homepage for more info

A link to apply can be found there, too. If you are interested in renewable energies as well, even better!

Die nächste startet um 13:30 Uhr!

'Chaos macht Atmosphärendynamik'

Mehr eine Ideevorstellrunde zum drüber reden und brainstormen. Es geht um Richardsons Forecast Factory aus den 1920ern und wie/ob sie als interaktive Kunst und zum Kennenlernen der Grundlagen der Atmosphärendynamik genutzt werden kann.


Pad mit der Idee

There will be another session today at !

14:00 - 15:00 CEST

The session is planed to be similar to yesterday. We'll decide the language at the session.


There will be a hacc session today at divoc!

14:30 - 15:30 CEST

This session will be like the other sessions at past Chaos events. A get-together of hackers that are or want to be active in projects concerning climate change, the environment and sustainability.
The session will be in English.


We plan to do a second international call every month.

Today is one of them!

Join at 18:00 UTC on meet.ffmuc.net/hacc.int

Today is the 10th! That means it's time for the monthly hacc call at 18:00 UTC.

That's the pad: pad.hacc.space/fO0vlqC4Q5S6_Xu

That's were we meet:

Wir können die #rC3World gar nicht abschalten.

Wer soll sich denn um den Fisch bei Digitalcourage kümmern? 🐟 😨 #rC3

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