Wir können die #rC3World gar nicht abschalten.

Wer soll sich denn um den Fisch bei Digitalcourage kümmern? 🐟 😨 #rC3

Nächster talk in 2 Minuten: Waldfunk - Mehr als nur eine SSID am Dannenröder Forst


Für Fragen:

Zur Zeit bereiten wir einen Talk für 17:00 vor:

Waldfunk - Mehr als nur eine SSID am Dannenröder Forst

On short notice. :-) We'll do two hacc sessions at today. At 14:00 and 20:00 CET.

No special topic. Mostly to get in contact and hear about projects or project ideas.

In our bbb workshop room.

Day 4 at 🙂

Talks managed by us:

12:00 Covid-19 Exposure Notification

16:00 Climate Change and the Corona Pandemic - A Comparison of Two Emergencies


Next talk in 7 minutes: Big tech’s 100bn € delusion with self-driving cars


For questions use:

Day 3 of 🙂

Talks managed by us:

14:00 Measuring radioactivity using low-cost silicon sensors

16:00 Open Source as a Model for Global Cooperation

17:00 Big tech's 100bn€ delusion with self-driving cars

18:15 A few quantitative thoughts on parking in Marburg

20:00 How Proprietary IP and Copyright Models Fail Society and What We Can Do About It

21:30 How to solve conflict in a community of equals


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