One must imagine Fediverse users happy.


@rixx The absurd [user] catches sight of a burning and frigid, transparent and limited fediverse in which nothing is possible but everything is given, and beyond which all is collapse and nothingness. [They] can then decide to accept such a fediverse and draw from it [...] strength, [...] refusal to hope, and the unyielding evidence of a life without consolation.

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✅ absurd
✅ nothing is possible
✅ all is collapse and nothingness
✅ life without consolation

Unqualified philosophizing 

@guenther We're (I think @rixx is too) riffing on Albert Camus' existentialist essay "The Myth of Sisyphus".

It's (in my reading) an attempt to derive meaning from a fundamentally broken world by fully embracing the bleakness of everything and deciding to face its entire hopeless absurdity as an act of rebellion and non-acceptance.

Camus applies this philosophy to Sisyphus, and concludes that rather than picturing him as frustrated, "one must imagine Sisyphus happy".

@guenther @rixx One might be led to suspect that there were all sorts of things going on in the Fediverse which he or she did not thoroughly understand.

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