Reading about the EUPL (the European Union Public License). Very cool.

Anyone know off the top of their heads whether it provides the same protections of freedoms for server-side use that AGPL does?


"Although legally not compatible (for copyleft reasons) the is very close to the (which covers also SaaS). The AGPL is also included in the EUPLv1.2 downstream compatibility list (EUPL Appendix) - therefore the EUPL is compatible with the AGPL: you may distribute under the AGPL a larger derivative work integrating components covered by the EUPL and by the AGPL."


Although more than 10 years old and OSI certified, I never heard of before but scrolling through the licenses news feed I found out that is licensed under EUPL. So maybe thats one of the most known tools to our community that already makes use of that "new to me european license".

Guess I will have to read a bit more, why I should coose EUPL over (A)GPL and others or if I shouldn't. @aral

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