Are there any recommendations for software that have useable support for writing and publishing threads in the fediverse at once and not just one toot at the time?

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@yuki @hastern Es gibt die Glitched-Instanzen, die eine Option dafür haben, meine ich mich zu erinnern. Weiß nicht, ob das exakt ist, was du meinst:

@TQ @yuki Das sieht ziemlich exakt nach dem aus was ich suche. Schaue ich mir mal genauer an, danke schön

@hastern @yuki Gern. Einige Instanzen verwenden das, ich weiß das z.B. von, wo ich einen Account hab.

@hastern @yuki

You could use a Mastodon instance with a higher character limit per toot. Or Pleroma or something else.

@chpietsch that could be an option, but goes kinda against the idea of a thread. 🤔

@hastern Threads are a crutch – a terrible workaround you have to use on Twitter. In the Fediverse, you have other options.

@chpietsch That is very much true. Probably my birdsite brain working against me...

@chpietsch @hastern sometimes I tend to disagree, because in a thread you can boost small snippets of the whole text without needing to boost the whole text.

@katzenschiff Ja vermutlich, aber warum etwas neu schreiben das es schon gibt... 😅

@snaums That looks very promising, will look into that. Thank you

just remeber a lot of people in the fediverse dislike thread's
mostly because other options are avaiable (plume write freely for blogposts) that are directly integrated, so when you post your follow directly see the blogpost and when they reply it is a commentary in your blog.
just saying you may get likely unfollowed with thread's

@jorval Good point. I"m honestly torn, I do like the ability to highlight/comment on parts of a blog-post (= individual toots of a thread) but also just reading the long post as thread is a pain.

just an example. i check my timeline every some hours. on the cell phone i only get the latest 40 toots. i like to follow cory doctorow one of my favorite writers, and someone i share opinions with.
when he toots it's a twitter thread crosspost and often 20 to 3 posts long (because twitter only few chars) and then i have alot of cory in my timeline but may have missed something else interresting.
and yes i have cory now in my newsboat. ;)

@jorval lol, I had the urge to unfollow doctorow on the birdsite so many times because of that. But I never followed through, because from time to time there are just those hidden gems inbetween. Also because he's a terrific writer and activist and definitely is worth following.😅

@hastern see this is why i have he's blogs rss in my newsboat now and why (not only me i belive) so many here dislike threads and twitter crossposters.
we are mammut's not bird's ;)

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