Here's one good use of the Birdsite still left: Will everyone please keep telling the :spit:President about every single thing Eminem is saying about him

so that the Orangelord can't help himself and gets involved in a dissing war with someone who will DESTROY HIM UTTERLY

No really, please PLEASE; I want this to happen so badly.

Remember that very brief period of time when a well-crafted boolean query submitted to a search engine would return exactly what you asked for and nothing you didn't?

"Please print this, have it notarized and mail the original to me ASAP"


You want ASAP, let me scan and email it. You want this creaky bullshit, you get it in a month like everybody used to!

GunShot (n.) - A magical story device with supernatural variability in almost all properties. For example, GunShot can a) kill anywhere between instantly and over years, regardless of injury site; b) have almost no immediate impact, or alternately throw a person several yards, from any distance and with any ammo; and c) strike successfully, or unsuccessfully, in spite of almost any variable, including distance, conditions, skill, and number of bullets available.

Been seeing a lot of anxiety on the TL the last couple of days. I went to the river this afternoon to take some photos that might cheer some folx up or soothe some nerves.

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A German rock band made a song kinda about my book! ...I don't know how to feel about this, other than that I like it? \m/

You ever meet a guy and be like "Awww, he's growing into his True Beard still! He's gonna look amazing in another decade..."

Your habits are WAY more breakable than you are!

Spent two days trying everything to get my touchscreen to work with Ubuntu 18 (which fixed some hidpi problems I was having with 16.04) -- nothing, nothing, no hints, no luck...and then I woke up on the third day and Lo, It Just Worked.

I think Linux just really likes me, and took pity on me. If I had a household-gods altar to light a candle at for the Linux gods, I would feel not the slightest bit of shame in doing so. Gods are gods, whatever their form. :)

Did You Know that QI (the best game show on earth not made in Japan, for sure) did their episode on "Noise" with Corey from Slipknot as a guest? HYSTERICAL; I've re-watched it twice now and it keeps getting better.

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If you're butthurt *because of doing squats*, then you're allowed to complain as much as you want.

Just sayin'.

From now on I'm following everyone whose name makes me groan

You don't pun without consequences, and today I AM THOSE CONSEQUENCES

can you not abbreviate "literally" anymore? I told a friend I was lit. scraping myself off the couch, and they read it as "I'm drunk, period, scraping myself off the couch." ...This disturbs me.

You will pry my weird anachronisms from my lit. dead brain.

(I suppose that one works either way...)

Went to Google's "My Activity" settings last week and deleted all the existing data, then turned ALL the data-collection off (that they let you >,<). I figured I'd turn stuff back on as I found that I needed or wanted the features it enabled...

Still haven't turned a damn thing on. Turns out it didn't inform a single thing that actually benefits me in the slightest.

A fast guide to muscles:

1. if it's stiff and weak, work it out - load it with weight and flex until it's tired
2. if it's sore from working out, stretch it. Stretches should make you relax INTO the pain, not push against it
3. if it's in pain from a knot that you can feel, hit it with trigger-point massage (easy to learn to do to yourself), and once the knot is soft/mobile, work out/go back to #1
5. practice control, balance, smoothness - they give you sudo access!

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