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EEEEEE someone made an android game based on SCP-087!!! (

Sorry not sorry, however much of my weekend this eats!

Hey, tell me an obscure cool thing you know about! Here's one from me: --> click buttons and run tests on every part of javascript in every browser! Clever as heck, killer useful to platform devs, mildly useful to web devs, pretty much scrambled Greek to everyone else (even though you're using this technology right now... :D)

Tryna make lemonade here by pinging a local taiji school about saturday private lessons bc it doesn't look like my knees are gonna let me go back to underwater hockey anytime soon, if ever :/

I did not JUST buy a tablet with a great display so I could re-play all four The Room games on it.

...Which is not to say that isn't the first thing I did with it.

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regular message to whatever Culture ship is in system at the moment: me and a small group of friends are ready for pickup whenever you feel like swinging by.

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Spent a ludicrous amount of time assembling this today!!

going to potbelly for lunch always makes me happy. because now I have a REALLY inappropriate pickle, and SOMEONE GAVE IT TO ME AND I'M ALLOWED TO HAVE IT IN PUBLIC ::waves it at people::

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theres only one pigeon but hes quick

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One of my goals in life is to learn how to hack co-op into games

Google: Here, it's been a decade, have a nice clean re-design of Gmail!

::whispers:: also I removed settings and half the keyboard shortcuts

grr why does it seem like I can get my exercise OR my writing done in the morning, and then I just waste the rest of the time? These things should not deplete each other! Squats are not verbs!

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Nice! I got jsDocs working. With jsDocs you can create a complete static documentation of your javascript by simply following a specific pattern of commenting out what you want to be documented. Now i can just add everything by changing the comments. This very very time saving! It even adds links to the positions in the code.

Here are the docs for :

I think the default theme is ugly, but for the moment it's okay. 😶

TIL that you can sing Blink 182’s “Miss You” along to Deltron’s “Positive Contact” and it fits great.

I think I just figured out a pressure-point that stops panic attacks.

I already knew the magic breathing pattern, but this is a *nice* addition. Thanks, kungfu! \o/

Me.texting: Uhh the dash button for the living room lights isn't working and the app you gave me is asking for a password and I have a meeting...

Roommate.texting@work.downtown: Check your wifi? Here, I'll turn them on for you now.

Lights over my shoulder in an empty house: *bwom*


Somehow I slept on my phone in such a way that it took a screenshot of the phone home-screen of most-used contacts and set it as my wallpaper. It's completely bonkers and even though it's almost unusable, I find myself unwilling to change it

Bigass, badass Jeep. Needs a name.

I’m thinking THE BOULDER, but everyone has to say it with the appropriate inflection.

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popularity maximizers are much scarier than paperclip maximizers

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Finished the unicorn painting! WOOT!