Screaming "This is the End!" is a cop-out.

This ain't the end of shit. If only! -- Wouldn't it be nice & easy if the skies would just open up and take all our responsibilities away for good.

But no such luck -- we're in this for the long slow, heal-or-fade, swim-or-drown, one gasp at a time. No Endings; no Authors to step in with Deuses Ex Machinae and fix it for us. Just consequences, and next choices.

So let's go slow, and keep our balance. This is the Middle, and that's *even harder*.

Trying to write fiction that is NOT apocalyptic in nature is really hard lately, just saying

So this one time -- not at band camp -- a hippie whispered to me, " *poop*, man"

Which I do gotta hand him, that's profound. Still, this was a while ago,

...and the other day I had a dream where I discovered that if you always type the "doo" sound as the letters "doo" in English -- I doo need you; the fine is doo today; he drives a Doocati -- then suddenly all communication is perfectly understandable.

but NO, brain, what it is is FUNNY, and now I can't stop snorting D: >,<

Have you been affected by Covid 19? Do you have to wear a mask and glasses at the same time? If so you may be entitled to condensation.

Remember when the Captain of the Federation Starship Equinox, upon it being revealed they were mass-murdering aliens, appealed to Captain Janeway for the sake of his starving, demoralized crew? "Be lenient with them," he begs. "They were just following my orders."

She glares like a granite cliff and says, "Their mistake."

Think I'm gonna be saying that about a lot of politicians, cops, bankers and the like in 2021. Following orders is also a choice. ::janewayglare::

Sometimes you just need to love something, and it isn't there so you make your own. You FIND something to love.

I bought an ambulance last weekend. She's a glorious old dragon, a marvel of engineering and probably a permanent PITA, outfitted with insane electrical -- basically a giant diesel generator on wheels.

I'm going full Winry to impress my new girlfriend, and yeah, I'm THAT 5'2" lady with a pet mechanical bull mastiff now.

Fuck you 2020, I will paint the silver lining myself ;)

I think my thoughts on adoption were informed by re-watching possibly the best superhero movie ever made, Thor Ragnarok. Like okay, Odin did the usual thing and made a kid, Thor, and everybody was proud of him and it was easy. But then he broke all the rules and pissed a LOT of people off to adopt Loki, and defended him and raised him as a prince -- and Loki feels slighted, and people act like he's a lesser son...why? A fucking king staked his reputation and resources on raising this kid XD

((aw shit actually that was yesterday, better do that...))

(also hell no I'm not really posting lately; I want credit for changing my underwear today)

Random nice: I think it would be wonderful to be an adopted child. To know for a fact that your parents wanted you and worked their butts off through some of the most icky adulting situations in order to have you live with them through your childhood. No diss on biological parents (I am one!), but that's fucking beautiful, and I've never understood the diss in "you're adopted" -- dude, an adopted kid is definitely wanted in ways a biokid can't always count on; fucking is easy

HEY MANAGERS OF PROJECTS: Asana is a popular organizational software, but don't be tricked: Even if you pay for premium service, it will only let you select *50 tasks or less*, for any operation. Trust me, if your work is of ANY complexity at all, this will trip you up like crazy. Don't give them your money, when a basic spreadsheet can select 10K rows no problem. (Note: They're aware of this flaw and have no intention of fixing it, which is why my Sr. PM butt is noping out.)

the only reason there's no joke in the form of "X husband X <something>" is because nothing rhymes with husband. good luck. what, Angband? "happy husband, happy Angband?" that's one fucking trashpost, fuck that nonsense

I've always wanted to use "Mad Cunt" as a business name, like, "Mad Cunt Carpet Cleaning" or "Mad Cunt Rotisserie Chicken and Porn" or, you know, whatever. Just a good general business name, really.

Someone on BBC2: "This is getting way too meta. It's becoming BBC4, right now, as we're talking."

I'm not a bit British, but gods I identify with their dork-streak

All damn day people try to convince me that they're simultaneously wizards who grasp the subtlest and deepest powers of computer language and functionality, and also completely unable to CLICK ONCE to accept or reject a meeting invite.

But really, tell me, WHY, in any kind of sane or compassionate world, are black jelly beans still allowed >,<

I can now say that I've been so disgruntled by life that I could not make it through a single day without a British cooking show to keep me going full cockwonkers.

it's such a perfect combination of high-anxiety and safe calm, is why. They're SO NICE to each other, even while being critical and in conflict and under stress and

and it's just

*happy sigh*

Here's an example of why sentence *structure* is the god king of conveying your meaning accurately:

"You may not think I have a handicap, but..."
does NOT mean the same thing as
"You may think I don't have a handicap..."

It LOOKS like a silly picky word-order, flow-and-voice thing, but it ISN'T. Those are logically different clauses. In one a specific thought does not exist; in another, a different one does. And that *affects the reader*, often subconsciously.

WORDS are so neat :D

...yes, this is a fixable problem. since it's also my curse at the moment -- an overwhelming number of projects I ought to take steps on with a small chunk of free time, and no way to _choose_ -- I'll spend the time thinking of ways to set defaults or organize something so this doesn't happen as often. Haha fu brain :P

anybody else get so exhausted trying to figure out which thing you really WANT to work on right now that you end up doing nothing?

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