We suffer from a point-of-view error when it comes to pain and grief. We know that if WE feel it, the correct thing to do is try to move on, to focus on good things, to self-care and cheer up as much as possible. But when we empathize with someone else, we forget that it's not us, not our pain this time. & the correct reaction from THIS PoV, from the outside, is to let pain be there: witness and acknowledge it. Cheer YOURSELF up, but when it's someone else, just be there and listen.

I'm SO grateful to everyone who yelled at me to watch DS9, and yes, Odo is my new favorite any-and-everything.

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What would an actually useful Fight Club of moderns look like rn? I feel like it'd be more of a guerilla anarchist kungfu school, where you did push-hands instead of fistfighting, and the Mayhem was (still mayhem, but) largely seditious writing & publishing.

...On reflection, if you ever see evidence of such a thing existing NOTIFY ME IMMEDIATELY PLEASE

ok maybe I just spent 15m writing a clever(ish) thing about why I haven't been online much lately or answered phone calls or whatever and then thrown it away, BUT, today I also poured cool-ass lacquer on a table I'm refinishing and it went GREAT. so, I win. I demand that i win. nyah

A friend just suggested that using "snark" and my name in one sentence is a tautology.

...this never happens yo, but *I'm powerless to argue*

our household is fighting over chores, lots of annoying/angering texts this morning, and now I have to run a retrospective for a project where the dev & I didn't get along great

- conflict
+ blankets
- people
+ movies


I wanna start a Hobbescore band.

All our songs will be nasty, brutish and short.

Oh heck yeah CHEERS to Last Week Tonight's Halloween concert from Hell.

In order to get viewers to "stop watching this show!" and go look up their state's AG candidates so they can make an informed voting decision, a terrible (but thematically appropriate) country song was played...on bagpipes...an accordion...a theramin...and six kids playing plastic recorders. Eventually, simultaneously. Twas absolutely perfect.

Shit, that's the healthiest LOL I've had in way too long.

Years ago, I went to a halloween party with my eight-foot pole spear, some diving gear and a bottle of Kraken rum, and told people to "help me shoot the kraken" all night.

I don't remember a whole lot about the end of that party -- other than the hard-earned lesson that one should NOT use electrical tape for sexytimes! -- but every year around now, I still get a thirst for Kraken. Which, it turns out, is lovely in hot apple cider...uh-oh

::hides all the electrical tape just in case::

Oh shit, they did a remake of The Omen like 12 years ago? ...It probably sucks, but tis the season for giving questionable horror flicks a chance; I'm in.

(Hey, for me, technically this IS "going to church on Sunday morning".)

Poem Semetary:

You *thought* it was tragic that that huge folder of poetry and song-lyrics was stolen when you were 16. But it was in a box this whole time...and now it's back...and you have no choice but to read it.

dun dun DUNNNN

You find a 7-year-old post on your blog that got a LOT of comments, but you were being antisocial that month and never looked at them

Now they are literally back to haunt you

OK it's 8am and already the Dumb Thing of the Day meter is up pretty high: "Be sure you use sterilized potting soil," the instructions say. STERILIZED? As in, all of the bacteria and fungus and stuff that makes it work is killed off? You want me to put my plants in silica sand, is that it? 100% guarantee this author would recommend sterilizing my yogurt too

I'm a giant scary horror fan (hell yes I have seen The Exorcist as many times as Beetlejuice), but in the current climate, I can't seem to get into the swing of real horrors this year.

Instead, I'm on a Dumb Fun Horror spree. Hunting up stuff like Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters and the like. Got any recommendations? My mental library of non-possession-related horror movies is fairly thin. :)

I curse you with your own truth.

If you think others having rights takes them away from you, I hope it comes true and you lose your rights.

If you think it's "eat or be eaten" in this world, may you meet that bigger fish out there who thinks just like you, and be eaten.

If you think the ends justify the means, or that logic can excuse your lack of compassion, may you wind up meaningless collateral damage in a battle that never would have taken place if someone else had had any human decency.

Note to self: Next Saturday at midnight, think real hard about the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and see what happens.

Is it just me or is Sunday, like, a universally-designated day for wondering what the hell you're doing with your life?

Maybe it's just that it's hard-coded as a Day of Worship -- maybe the weekly ordering of Genesis is less a myth and more of a config file.

The plot twist is that WHAT you worship on Sunday works like what you choose for the form of Gozer the Traveler: If your mind is just confusion and questions, then that's what you spend your day worshipping.

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