Oh man, I love it when EFF gets philosophical: "DRM gets made over the course of years, by skilled engineers, at a cost of millions of dollars. It gets broken in days, by teenagers, with hobbyist equipment. That's not because the DRM-makers are stupid, it's because they're doing something stupid.”

(Also this is a terrifyingly good article:

@heironymous When EFF gets philosophical Corey Doctorow is almost always writing.

He's such a capable writer, and his opinions are often spot on when it comes to tech and politics.

His fiction (and especially his YA fiction) is also stellar.

(Sorry, Docotor nerd.)

@ajroach42 I love his stuff too! “Makers” (along with Little Brother, Magic Kingdom, and others) blew my mind - plus he’s a bastion of online self-publishing. DoctorowNerdsHeckYeah!

@heironymous in my opinion the W3C must be destroyed and it's leadership barred from anything web related. With the same done to the first company to abuse EME.

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@heironymous I particularly like this quote for convincing by emotion...

"It's not a copyright infringement to feed a Netflix video to an algorithm that can warn you about upcoming strobe effects that can trigger life-threatening seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy."

Regular people struggle with DRM's negative effects, but this hits those with disabilities even harder...

There's also the "eliminates competition so you have to pay more" argument for the financially-motivated folk.

@heironymous I like how they point out that DRM isn't about the technical aspects anymore. Maybe investing money into building new DRM systems is also about something other than the technical benefits? Reassuring vendors that your platform is serious about fighting piracy?

@dhasenan Absolutely, and that “reassurance” that vendors won’t win a darn thing from me by doing so feels pretty important? I mean, in a market-obsessed world, what else counts?

@heironymous When you're Adobe marketing your DRM to Hulu and Barnes&Noble, how much do end users' opinions count? I'm honestly not sure.

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