To anyone who isn't sure whether they should come to , just do it!! I will be teaching a workshop on Blender basics (bring a mouse!!!)
And if that's not your cup of tea, check the , there are many awesome events and talks:

Mehr freier Handel! (Aber bitte nur für die Unternehmen und doch nicht für jeden sonst funktioniert die Abzocke der Bürger nicht mehr.)
Schweizer Einkaufstouristen sollen deutlich mehr bezahlen

so I kinda got my audio setup fixed and today my auto bed leveling sensor arrived so I should be able to get back on track with streaming that 3d printer mod and streaming in general \o/

It is done! @glow, @draemmli and me from the #ChaostreffBern have sorted all the #stickers in the #eh19 sticker exchange.

Please don't ruin it, it has been A LOT of work, took us almost three hours.

New organisational thingie! Never wonder in which inner pocket my phone charging cable is again!!

We are halfway there, 58 of 111 pieces of the crowdprinted sculpture for are done! 🎆
It is artsy sculpture which you can help create by printing pieces on your 3D printer. Just pick a piece from

roses are red
violets are blue
use python 3
not python 2

@masterbase did you ever get around to building a low latency streaming system we could use for the at ? I gotta know if I have to (re)build a mumble based system.

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