: Remember when we had to take every sticker, every sign and bottle out of CCH before it got demolished?

Here's how Leipzig Expo reacts to our enhancements of their building:


Hey : I heard from orga today that the Messe owners are on board with keeping the North markers, more permanently installed. Thank you for helping improve access for everyone who comes after us.

I hope that there'll be sightings of them in other hackerspace cities too. 😉💚

@flo @herzmut @rugk Thanks for sharing! I had noticed these and wondered what they are for. Now I know.

From the discussion in twitter:

> Which BTW are also VERY helpful & I've not encountered except in #Prague & #Vienna.

Here's an explanation for the non-regulars to #Wien (awesome city!):


And since the gentleman in the video did not go into detail on the actual pedestrian crossing lights, here's a picture.


Credit goes, I think, to #Salzburg (awesome place also!) who were the first to use them. ❤️

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